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Race report by Douglas Hobbs
n 2WD Expert 17.5 Buggy, I seeded 2nd after a quick run. Q1 I would finish 5th, Q2 I would finish 6th, and Q3 I would finish 5th, putting me 5th on the grid for mains.

In 4WD 13.5 Buggy, I seeded 3rd. In Q1 I would qualify 18th, Q2 I would finish 4th, and Q3 I would finish 4th again, placing me 5th on the grid.

In 2WD 17.5 SCT, I was the top seed. I would go on to take two Top Qualifiers in a row, wrapping up TQ in 2 rounds.

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Come mains, I would wind up getting through multiple tangles at the start in 2WD 17.5 Buggy, and took the lead soon after, but after a LiPo fire in the pits distracted me, I made a bobble and lost the lead on the last lap.

In 4WD 13.5 Buggy, I would have a good start and get up to 3rd, but never really move from the position, finishing 3rd.

In 2WD 17.5 SCT, my car was incredible once again, and I led from tone-to-tone, taking the win.

Thank you to all of my incredible sponsors, XRAY, RC America, Maclan, JConcepts, Lunsford, and Cheater Racing.

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2WD Podium
1. Greighton Stoub
2. Douglas Hobbs –XRAY XB2
3. Ryan Reavis

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4WD Podium
1. Rudy Rico
2. Matthew Olson
3. Douglas Hobbs – XRAY XB4