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Race report by Michael Brown
I had a blast at the 2017 INS at Tacoma R/C raceway. Qualifying started off a little rough in Modified truck as I would make a mistake on my first couple laps then having to let Cav by I would tuck in and follow him the rest of the heat. Going into round two of qualifying I felt pretty confident that I had what it took to hang with Cav and Evans, I was on a solid run tell throwing it to hard into the berm causing me to pop a ball cup. I'd end up qualifying 3rd on the grid in the A main, at the start of the main I was in the hunt to make a move in Dustin Evans but I mad a bobble dropping me back, I'd finish third in the main. My Xray XT2 felt amazing all weekend.

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Modified truck podium:
1. Ryan Cavelieri
2. Dustin Evans
3. Michael Brown – XRAY XT2