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Race Report by Schmid Dieter and Jeisy Philip
Because of the different surfaces (about 50% carpet and 50% dirt) it wasn’t easy to find the perfect setup. So we had to try different setups in the practice heats to be on pace for the qualification runs. Our cars were ready to do some fast laptimes.

In 2WD and 4WD Patrick Hofer was the man to beat. Patrick won almost every qualification heat so he placed his cars on the TQ spot in both classes.

Nico Schmid managed to qualify third in 4WD and got fourth place 2WD while his brother Florian was in 3th place 2WD and 7th place 4WD.

Philip Jeisy managed to TQ every run in the Truck class, while he started on the 6th position in 4WD.

In the finales Patrick Hofer continued his strong performance all over the weekend and won the 2WD and 4WD class after the wins in the first 2, out of 3 finales.

The Schmid Brohters managed to climb the podium spots in 2WD with a second place of Nico and a great 3th place of Florian.

As in 2WD Nico reached the second position 4WD in front of Fabian Luca Widmer. Florian pumped up from 7th to 4th place after some great final heats.

As in the practice runs the XT2 worked great in the finals so Philip Jeisy could finish the second Swiss Championship round on the top of the podium!

Congratulations to Remo Bulla for the good performance at his very first dirt-race of his short career. Keep up the good work!

See you at the next Championship Round in Härkingen. It’s time for another, great carpet track!

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2WD Monster results:
1. Philip Jeisy - XRAY XT2
2. Jan Dissler
3. Martin Weidmann - XRAY XT2
4. Michael Schätzle - XRAY XT2
5. Hansrudi Embacher - XRAY XT2
6. Remo Bulla - XRAY XT2
7. Rainer Zimmer - XRAY XT2

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2WD Off Road results:
1. Patrick Hofer
2. Nico Schmid - XRAY XB2
3. Florian Schmid - XRAY XB2

4. Fabian Luca Widmer
5. Pascal Jutz
6. Peter Forster
7. Adrian MĂĽller
8. Philipp Huber
9. Kay Frehner
10. Roman Kummer

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4WD Off Road results:
1. Patrick Hofer
2. Nico Schmid - XRAY XB4
3. Fabian Luca Widmer
4. Florian Schmid - XRAY XB4
5. Markus Streuli
6. Peter Forster
7. Philip Jeisy - XRAY XB4
8. Daniel Fankhauser
9. Tobias Tönz - XRAY XB4
10. Osi Oswald - XRAY XB4

2WD Off Road Sportsman results:
1. Nico De Bortoli
2. Pascal Baumann - XRAY XB2
3. Raphael Fruci
4. Adriano Fruci
5. Jason Mutti
6. Oliver Gygax
7. RĂ©my Baumann - XRAY XB2
8. Corinne Schätzle - XRAY XB2