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Race report by Armand Lantheaume
The last weekend unwound the fourth round of French championship has Mutzig. Very attractive one club with a supplied refreshment room left great memories for me!

Saturday began on a wet track or cars will have very well behaved from the beginning.

During the qualifications in 2wd, Mathieu Briere dominated this first day with several pole positions, continued his pace on Sunday morning remaining among three first drivers.

In 4wd, the qualifications went really well with several poles and the general TQ for me. JP Sartel took second place was third.

During the 2wd finals, I would take advantage of other drivers to win A1 and A2. JP Sartel joined me on the podium with the third place. Mathieu Briere had bad luck and finished fifth.

In 4wd, thanks to an error from me, JP Sartel took away A1. I would manage to pocket the victory in A2 and A3 and thus the first place in dress rehearsal.

Thanks to these two victories, I obtained both titles of French Champion!!

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Race report by Mathieu Briere
In 2WD, my race started very well in qualification as I managed to secure the overall TQ by taking 4 TQ out of 6. Armand Lantheaume with his XRAY XB2 took 3 place in qualification TQing the last round of qualification with the best overall time, Jean Pierrick took the 5th place.

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In finals, a lot of mistakes didn’t allow me to finish better than 5th. Armand took a solid overall win after winning the first 2 mains. Jean Pierrick finished at the 3rd place overall. Very good performance of XRAY team with 6 cars out of 12 in A Main.

In 4WD, the entire race was dominated by XRAY cars, quallies were very close between Armand, Jean Pierrick and myself, I managed to TQ 1. round of quali, Jean Pierrick took 2x TQ and Armand took the overall TQ with 3 TQ rounds.

In the finals Armand took the overall win taking the last 2 mains after Jean Pierrick took the first one. I secured the 3rd overall position by behind in the top 3 of all mains. Again, very good performance of XRAY team with 8 cars out of 12 in A Main.

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Results 2WD :
1. Armand Lantheaume - XRAY XB2
2. Ludovic Valtier
3. Jean Pierrick Sartel - XRAY XB2
4. Clement Boda
5. Mathieu Briere - XRAY XB2
6. Olivier De Montfumat
7. Sylvain Gallo Selva
8. Mathieux Chaffardon
9. Arnaud Matohanza - XRAY XB2
10. Fréderic Laigle
11. Julian Ferrandis - XRAY XB2
12. Mickael Villa - XRAY XB2

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Results 4WD
1. Armand Lantheaume - XRAY XB4
2. Jean Pierrick Sartel - XRAY XB4
3. Mathieu Briere - XRAY XB4
4. Florent Jadot - XRAY XB4

5. Sylvain Gallo Selva
6. Arnaud Matohanza - XRAY XB4
7. Clement Boda
8. Mathieux Chaffardon
9. Alexandre Beauquier - XRAY XB4
10. Ludovic Valtier
11. Mickael Villa - XRAY XB4
12. Stephane Deroch - XRAY XB4

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