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Race report by Arek Smyk
I came to the race in the morning at 7 AM to prepare before the qualifications. The weather was warm and cloudy so for modified these were the best conditions.

The organizer covered the track with a little water with sugar for the better grip. During the race the tires were squealing also in Stocks classes.

I started in two classes: Modified and Prostock. My cars were well set from the beginning. In Modified I was driving with RSX and Gen3 Tekin.

In Prostock class we have changed the rules like in ETS - 4.0 Gear Ratio. I easily won all the qualifications and got TQ for finals.

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Modified with Bartosz Pochopień and Mateusz Ogonowski was a bit harder. In the first quali Bartosz Pochopień won, then I won the second and third quallies.

Unfortunately the weather did not allow to drive due to rain so we ended on the three qualies.

With two qualifying wins I got TQ in Modified. I was pleased by two succesful TQ. For the rest of day we were back to the hotel watching the football match between Poland and Romania.

On Sunday the weather was warm and a little cloudy. The track was still wet but quickly evaporated. The Finals were delayed by half hour.

In the finals in Prostock the difference of my Best Laps to opponent was almost one second. The model was perfect and easy won two finals.

In modified in first final Bartosz Pochopień was behind me all the time. At the end behind the loop he added turbo and was closer but made the mistake at the last corner. So I won the first final.

In the second final run Bartosz Pochopień made the mistakes so Mateusz Ogonowski from the third jumped to second place while I was far ahead.

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Modified final results:
1. Arkadiusz Smyk - XRAY T4
2. Bartosz Pochopień
3. Mateusz Ogonowski
4. Jakub Michalski - XRAY T4
5. Jakub Kłapacz
6. Wojciech Rzepecki
7. Tomasz Niemczewski - XRAY T4

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Prostock final results:
1. Arkadiusz Smyk - XRAY T4
2. Krystian Kopacki - XRAY T4

3. Łukasz Mach
4. Andrzej Trella - XRAY T4
5. Tomas Hrkel' - XRAY T4

6. Maciej Gałecki
7. Arkadiusz Lippich
8. Szymański Dominik

Race report by Patryk Jeż:
I came to the track early in the morning, ready to race with my basic asphalt setup. Asphalt wasn’t hot enough, so I had to warm my tires to increase grip in the beginning of the qualifications.
In first qualification I had a problem with understeer and managed to take only 2nd place behind Krystian Kopacki. The 3rd was Łukasz Potępa.

Second quali was a nightmare. Before the start I’ve done two practice laps and immediately my receiver stopped working. I didn’t know what happened. Krystian Kopacki won again ahead of Łukasz Potępa and Sebastian Stępniak.

In third qualification I was driving all my best with maximum risk. I made one mistake and finally end on 3rd position again behind Krystian Kopacki and Łukasz Potępa.

Unfortunatelly the day was ended by rain after third qualification. Top qualifier went to Krystian Kopacki, second pole to Łukasz Potępa and third to me. A lot of bad luck and my mistakes didn’t let me achieve better starting position to finals.

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Sunday was sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy and all the time windy. The conditions on the track were changing very often. I changed my setup to be a little bit easier and smoother to drive. It gave me more corner speed during first final, but Krystian was again too fast for me. I managed to take 2nd place and 3rd was Sebastian.

Second final was perfect. On the third lap I overtaken Krystian and Łukasz and won this heat with a safe advantage. Second was Krystian and third Łukasz.

Last final decided who will win event. This time Krystian Kopacki had a problem with his receiver. I have overtaken Krystian and Łukasz on the first lap and I was driving as a leader to the end of the race. Second was Łukasz and third Sebastian.

Finally I took 1st place, 2nd was Krystian Kopacki and 3rd Łukasz Potępa.

Overall car was really nice to drive after small setup changes. Very smooth and high grip asphalt, but with big changes of asphalt’s temperature in Nowy Sącz was challenging to find perfect setup. Luckily, I did it. I am happy with win at my local track and can’t wait for next events.

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Formula Final Results:
1. Patryk Jeż - XRAY X1
2. Krystian Kopacki - XRAY X1

3. Łukasz Potępa
4. Sebastian Stępniak - XRAY X1
5. Piotr Małopolski
6. Andrzej Wilk

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Stock (17.5T) Top 10 final Results:
1. Bartosz Zalewski
2. Krystian Kopacki - XRAY T4
3. Paweł Trella - XRAY T4

4. Maciej Gałecki
5. Marcin Czachor
6. Dawid Reizer
7. Bartek Siembieda
8. Andrzej Wilk
9. Adrian Lippich
10. Sebastian Stępniak

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IC-10 results:
1. Tomas Hrkel' - XRAY NT1
2. Paweł Trella - XRAY NT1

3. Michał Abramowicz
4. Arkadiusz Lippich
5. Mirko Tropp
6. Maciej Gałecki - XRAY NT1
7. Jacek Zienkiewicz
8. Filip Szczepaniak

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IC-8 results:
1. Tomas Hrkel' - XRAY RX8
2. Marek Janusz
3. Wojciech Bukryj
4. Piotr Szapałak
5. Marcin Marczyk
6. Rafał Pajor
7. Filip Szczepaniak