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Race report by Michal Abrahamek
In this race I chose to run 1/10 nitro onroad with XRAY NT1.

Many racers from different countries such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia etc. attended this race.

Beautiful sunny race weekend with about 25 degree Celsius and Middle-High grip conditions meant some changes to the car set-up for this condition and all changes I made were perfect.

I qualified on 1st place and advanced to the main final. I found very good set up for this condition of the track and I was faster from run to run. Car and engine was super easy to drive.

With some trouble with my body that was broken in the final I was able to win this very hard and tight race.

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1/10 Nitro Touring results:
2. Simon CIUDAN
3. Máté TÓTH

Best regards/Greeting/Saluto/挨拶