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Race report by Oliver Havránek
After the successful qualifications I started in semifinals A from the 1st place, which I was able to keep. I started the A-Main from 1st place, which I also managed to keep in close confrontation with Michal Abrahámek until 29 minutes, when I had completely bad tires, so I was glad that I finished in 2nd place. But this little failure did not break me and I was looking forward to the next day and the next race.

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Sunday did not start completely according to my expectations. During my second qualification I damaged the engine, so I did not finish the race. I did not even finish the semifinals because I managed to break the servo before starting. After these misfortunes, it was clear to me that if I want to get to the A final I have to win the final B. After a tight fight with Pavel Jansa and Tomáš Cibulka I managed to get the 1st place and also 11. place in the Main Final A. After the successful start of the Main Final A, I managed to get the 4th place. Despite the fact that I found myself once in the grass, thanks to the best and fastest mechanic Igor Liptak, after an amazing fight with Michal Abrahámek I reached 1st place.

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1/10 Nitro TC
1. Oliver Havránek – XRAY NT1
2. Michal Abrahámek – XRAY NT1

3. Michal Jansa
4. Michael Zagora
5. Marcel Dostál - XRAY NT1
6. Jan Kanina
7. Branislav Panák – XRAY NT1
8. Alexander Žvák
9. Ondřej Hubáček
10. Jiří Vašica
11. Leopold Kohoutek