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Race report by Gareth Coates - TeamXRAY UK Manager
Both Olly and Zak went into Sunday's race day setting the pace on Saturday practice topping both the Modified and 13.5 open classes.

The weather was a truly British mixed bag. With Saturday practice being held in sunshine and great track conditions.

But race day started out wet! Olly secured fasted time in the round 1 it was a tight qualifier with Olly managing to pull a lead on the last 2 laps.

Zak secured a round 1 with a decent lead over the rest of the field.

Round 2 of qualification meant for mixed conditions with the track drying the earlier heats in stock got the best rub of the track. Olly was forced opt for Wet tyres on his dry car as the track was neither wet or dry!

Round 3 again offered ever changing track conditions. This proved to be a real challenge for the team. Olly secured a 2nd in round where as Zak experienced slower track conditions than the previous round.

Round 4 with rain setting in Olly secured over all TQ with the fastest time of the round Zak managed to come in 3rd after again suffering from differing track conditions.

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Moving onto the finals With Olly TQ'ing and taking up the no 1 spot on the Mod grid Zak had to settle for 3rd on the grid in the 13.5 class.
Olly took the F1 win with out issue. Zak also secured a F1 win with rising star Dan Blake taking second.

F2 Olly took the win with a clear 6 second margin over the rest of the field.
Stock however was a bit more eventful. With Zak in a battle for the lead with James Hart that would see Zak Finish up in 4th. The star ended up being Dan Blake after managing 2 2nd places giving him the overall win with Zak taking 2nd with a 1st and a 4th.

With the series moving onto Halifax after a 5 week summer break Zak is looking forward to a good finish to secure the series.

A very well done to the team and Dan Blake for taking the win in the Open class also Markus Askell making the A final.
Junior support Star Keenan Fowler also for bringing a trophy home!

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Modified - A Final
1. Olly Jefferies - XRAY T4
2. Alan Bickerstaff
3. Chris Grainger
4. Alex Gardiner
5. Elliott Harper
6. Matthew White
7. Andy Murray
8. Paul Pinkney
9. Zak Smith
10. Stefan Chodzynski

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13.5 Open - A Final
1. Daniel Blake - XRAY T4
2. Zak Finlay - XRAY T4

3. James Hart
4. Andrew Robson
5. Mikey J Mansell
6. James Robinson
7. Chris Gunter
8. Marcus Askell - XRAY T4
9. Bradley Coaker
10. Lisa Louise Keen

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