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Rules :
Open Stock – Open Mod – Open F1
Entry fee: €20
Friday free practice: €10

Driver party with all you can eat BBQ
Floodlight practice session with open end

• Modified: 2 sets of tires, battery voltage max. 8.4V
• Stock 13.5T according to Ă–FMAV
• Motors according to EFRA list, Timing and reducers free, regulator blinky, battery voltage max 8.4V
• 2 Sets of tires

Formular 1:
• according to Ă–FMAV
• Motors according to Ă–FMAV regulation,
• reducers free, regulator blinky
• battery voltage max. 8.4V

MRC Wiener Neustadt
MRC Wiener Neustadt Facebook page

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