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Race report by Chris Nielsen
The second round of the Danish championship in 1/10 Nitro TC was held in Odense on the 1st and 2nd of July. The track is fun and flowing, with a nice technically infield, and a long sweeper leading on to the main straight. The club is used to organize RC events, with the DHI cup being their “crown jewel”, and it shows. Everything went nice and smoothly, with a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Just like it should be.

During practice, it was Claus Ryeskov who was fastest over 3 consecutive laps, with a gap of 0,9 down to René Kjellerup in 2nd, and Chris Nielsen a further 0,4 behind in 3rd.

In qualifying, it was again Claus Ryeskov who set the pace, claiming TQ by winning the first 3 rounds. Chris Nielsen TQ’ed round 4, and would line up 2nd. René Kjellerup took the 3rd spot, after 2 good runs in Q1 and Q2.

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Going into the 30min final, Claus Ryeskov looked unbeatable, having been the pace setter all weekend. He showed his speed during the early minutes of the race, building up a comfortable lead, and maintaining it well. Chris Nielsen was pushing in second place, trying to match Claus’s pace on the bigger diameter tires. After the first pitstop, Claus had a good gap of about 5 seconds down to Chris, who was beginning to find his groove, as the tires got better. Rasmus Skjoldborg had worked his way up to 3rd place, and was running a solid pace.

At the second round of pitstops, Claus had troubles with engine, and his car started to have a lack of speed. He was forced to pit again, which handed over the lead to Chris, who at the time had posted the fastest lap of the race. After a couple of more pitstops, Claus was last, but not giving up, he rejoined, and began to fight his way back. Rasmus was now running second, with René in 3rd.

The race was now in Chris’s hands, and he kept turning solid laps, not making mistakes, and keeping out of trouble. Rasmus was able to do the same in 2nd, not putting a foot wrong. Claus was still pushing at the back, trying to catch up. He showed his speed by setting the fastest lap of the race after his last pit stop, but it was not enough.

After 30 minutes of racing, Chris crossed the line first, with Rasmus and René completing the podium.

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Final results:
1. Chris Nielsen – XRAY NT1
2. Rasmus Skjoldborg
3. René Kjellerup – XRAY NT1 17