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Race report by Cham Dassanayake
Just under 50 entries were registered in the four present classes – Formula 1, 1/10 Pan Car (Swiss GT), Touring Car Modified and Pro-Stock. Thanks to the GeMC club members who ran the show pretty well for their first national event. Congrats to them!

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I participated in the Pro Stock class. My T4’2017 was untouchable whole of Saturday and TQ’d 2 of 2 qualifiers. The only 13.5T blinky car to do 20 laps in 5mins, despite a MYRCM mishap in Q2 (not properly counting my first lap). I therefore was able to ‘babysit’ the pole position on Saturday evening.
After rain during Saturday night, the track was re-sugared on Sunday morning and the temperature was in general lower due to cloud overcast and all cars were slightly slower than the previous day, with a few exceptions. Due to this Q3 was canceled and we were left with Q4 and Q5 to decide the starting grid. Fortunately I was able to drive smoothly on the semi-wet track and TQ Q4, which gave me the overall pole position.

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Final 1 was pretty laid back as I stayed in front from tone to tone, despite a bit of pressure from youngster Giuliano Marra.
Final 2 similar to final 1, however I suffered a body tuck from the car behind, and lost too much time. I still managed to climb back to 3rd spot.
Final 3 was a little more drama filled. I got body tucked again on the start of the second lap, and ended dead last. Unusually angry (not my style) I quickly calmed down and focused on climbing back up! I managed to climb to 3rd and closed in on car 2. With 30 seconds left, I closed in further and was rewarded with an error from car no. 2 which saw me finish second place.

With three different winners in all three finals and equality in point between Giuliano and myself it then came down to who did the fastest time. Thankfully my first place in Final 1 was almost 3 seconds faster than Giuliano’s first place in Final 3, which placed me on the top step of the podium.

I would like to thank those who supported me in this race and its preparation! They know who they are.

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TC Pro Stock results:
1. Cham Dassanayake – XRAY T4
2. Giuliano Marra
3. Xavier Deparde
4. Paulo Rodrigues
5. Roger Krähemann – XRAY T4
6. Nicolas Crausaz
7. Alex Carusi
8. Hervé Cettour – XRAY T4
9. Alex Carusi
10. Sébastien Cuanoud

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Formula 1 results:
1. Daniel Ghirlanda
2. Simon Del Monego
3. Andi Frattaroli – XRAY X1
4. Jonathan Porta
5. Nicolas Albina – XRAY X1
6. Michel Rufenart – XRAY X1

7. Steve Joye
8. Georges Camicas-Aycardi

1/10 Pan Car (Swiss GT) results
1. Roger Eifler
2. Levin Hirschi – XRAY X10
3. Roland Wild
4. Simon Del Monego
5. Nicolas Albina
6. Thomas Vigneron
7. Olivier Pause – XRAY X10
8. Giordano Marra – XRAY X10

9. Andi Frattaroli