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Race report by Fanatix Greece
Team driver Georgiadis Nikos participated after a long time being night clubbing and started from the 2nd position of the grid behind the defending 2016 champion Isaakides. Nikos took the first leg of the 3 finals but after technical inspection he was disqualified due to his negligence to put stickers on tires as appropriate. After two easy wins without anybody bothering him in leg 2 and leg 3 he finally took Round 3 of the Greek nationals. Third place was occupied by another XRAY driver Papachristos and in fifth by Nikolakopoulos XRAY too. In seventh spot was Greek RC legend Sotiropoulos with a given XRAY from Batas Tasos though countering some problems with his ESC setup and in eighth place Diamantis-XRAY Greek XRS champion.

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Surprisingly, in the end of the A-main was our new talented Greek XRS junior champion driver Ioannidis-XRAY participating for the first time ever in the Greek nationals bearing in mind that at the time he has very few batteries experience in modified category. Dimitris Konstadopoulos-XRAY winning the first two legs easily in B main. A really good battle between Velaoras and Eleftheriou but finally XRAY driver Velaoras took place 2 in B main and Eleftheriou place 3.

Dimitris Ioannidis Report
The day started pretty good with my XRAY T4 performing really well and doing the tenth best qualification run putting me in the A-main. In leg 1 in my third lap I had a huge crash with a car placed in the middle of the straight and no one alerting me for that. As a result I broke two drive shafts and destroyed my left C-hub and spur gear. In the middle of leg 2 I had a flat tire but I managed to finish in the seventh spot. In the final leg after a decent run I finished again in the seventh spot resulting in finishing in a respectable tenth place.

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1/10 TC A-Main
1. Nikos Georgiadis - XRAY T4
2. Dimitris Mpakirtzis
3. Vaggelis Papachristos - XRAY T4
4. Filippos Isaakidis
5. Nikos Nikolakopoulos - XRAY T4
6. Christos Vasilopoulos
7. Giannis Sotiropoulos - XRAY T4
8. Sotiris Diamantis - XRAY T4

9. Giannis Doukakis
10. Dimitris Ioannidis - XRAY T4

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1/10 TC B-Main
1. Dimitris Konstatopoulos - XRAY T4
2. Tasos Velaoras - XRAY T4
3. Ioannis Eleftheriou
4. Vassilis Tsioutsias - XRAY T4
5. Giorgos Maricholas - XRAY T4

6. Giannis Kotsias
7. Christros Kidis - XRAY T4
8. Nikolaos Fragos
9. Dimitris Tatsakis
10. Georgios Pantalos

Great performance once again from our Luxury TC brand with more than 50% cars at the race. Next round early September at the same Fanatix track.

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