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Race report by Luke Pittman
XRAY was well represented at the IROCC Speed Weekend 2017 with podium finishes in all classes. The Qual Points format made for the usual clean and close qualifying rounds and the triple mains brought exciting racing in all electric classes. Pittman, with his MOTIV powered T4 was able to take TQ and then fend off Harbke in 2 of the 3 mains in Stock Sedan to secure the top podium position. He was also able to stay close to Harbke in Modified throughout qualifying and the triple mains to take the second spot on the podium. In Nitro Sedan John Tsang took the number one position with a clean run from start to finished with Pittman rounding out the podium in third.

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Stock Sedan 17.5 Top 5
1. Luke Pittman – XRAY T4
2. Korey Harbke
3. Dwayne Flodell
4. Alex Pate
5. Tom Younger – XRAY T4

Modified Sedan Top 5
1. Korey Harbke
2. Luke Pittman - XRAY T4
3. Alex Pate
4. Blake Bell - XRAY T4
5. Nick Keown

Nitro Sedan Top 5
1. John Tsang – XRAY NT1
2. Craig Roberts
3. Luke Pittman - XRAY NT1
4. Earl Towson - XRAY NT1
5. Nick Keown - XRAY NT1