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The famous UK magazine RADIO CONTROL CAR RACER has extensively tested the new XRAY T1 and reported the results in a very detailed, yet comprehensive review. Check out the September issue of RACER at your newspaper or hobby dealer, or download this file.

Here are few excerpts from the article:

"...XRAY have taken engineering to a higher level."

"The kit is a no-nonsence competition race car, including all the parts required of a winner".

Fully adjustable
Brilliantly engineered

Kit Spec: 94%
Raceability: 95%
Overall: 94%

Track test:
"The car is fast and efficient."

"From the exquisite engineering and design, through the superb manufacturing and build to the precise handling, this is one hell of a car. The chassis responded to our changes, and what we thought we should do had the desired effect on the track."

"Oh, and we crash tested it too - you won't need any spares for this one!"

"Is it worth the money? Yes, I believe it is."

"You see very high quality engineering and you get it. You see performance and you get it. Ashby Woulds track searched for the XRAY T1's faults and couldn't find them - you won't either."