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The fifth round of the annual XRAY CHALLENGE (Czech) was held on July 23, 2005 at the nice track in ?elákovice. There were 43 drivers entered in three categories. This XRAY CHALLENGE round saw the entry of new drivers such as Bryx Radovan, DJW, Hanuš Ond?ej, Morávek Jan, Rezek Matyáš, Šnejdrla Radek.

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This was the first time the XRAY CHALLENGE / Czech required personal transponders, and those who did not have their own could borrow one... this is what happened for most drivers. The personal transponders will be required also on other races.

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This time the micro category had really big competition, so a good battle for the first position was expected. Martin Š?astný was TQ after qualification, followed by Josef Horák in second and Tomáš Knopp in third. Other drivers raced very well, including Petr Beneš and Hanka Stehnová. In the final race, Tomáš Knopp showcased his racing skills and took the win over Martin Š?astný, with Josef Horák finishing third.

Final results:
1. Knopp Tomáš
2. Š?astný Martin
3. Horák Josef
4. Beneš Petr
5. Otta Jaroslav
6. Novotný Karel
7. Calta Martin
8. Stehnová Hana

HOBBY category click to enlarge
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It was a very good race from qualification through to the last final race, with 23 drivers wanting to take the best positions. Václav Severýn, before an unknown driver, now shows his skills and except for some small errors, drove very well and in the overall standing he moved constantly upward. He took the win over Ku?era Ji?í. Other positions changed in all of the final races, so until the end nobody knew the final results. The current leader of the overall standing Svoboda Ji?í managed to take third place.

Final results:
1. Severýn Václav
2. Ku?era Ji?í
3. Svoboda Ji?í
4. Ro??ák Ji?í
5. Doubrava ?estmír
6. Horák Josef
7. Hanuš Ond?ej
8. Šlechta Pavel
9. Culek Petr
10. Blahovský Jan

TOURING CAR category click to enlarge
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Fast, good racing was expected in this category, the fastest of all categories. The hot candidate for the win was Strupek Václav, the winner of the last M?R race. This race features one of the top Czech drivers, Tomáš Staní?ek, who took a 2-year break from the racing scene. He showed his racing skills and finished in the third place when he overran younger drivers, except for Janoušek Ji?í who ended second behind Strupek Václav. Janoušek Ji?í is only 12 years old and he showed everyone that after one year of racing he is faster and better.

Final results:
1. Strupek Václav
2. Janoušek Ji?í
3. Staní?ek Tomáš
4. Opa Jakub
5. Grof Petr
6. Hubálek Ond?ej
7. Stehno Michal
8. Š?astný Martin
9. Gombík Lukáš
10. Parák Vít