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Race report by Flávio Loures Salinet
Like always, the weather was fine with a sunny day. Track temperature at 40°C and excellent drivers at this round. Only 8 drivers could reach the finals. The XRAY TEAM BRAZIL was represented by Fabiano Franco, Jonas Ferstemberg and Horácio Ferreira. The heats could show us what we can expect of the finals. This round had a lot of crashes.

Fabiano Franco classified in 1st getting also the track record that was 9.390 and now goes downs to 8.900 sec. Horácio Ferreira classified in 5th and Jonas Ferstemberg classified in 6th. The others two XRAY TEAM BRASIL drivers, Flávio Salinet and Luiz Gonzaga didn’t participate in this event but both were there helping the team mates.

The first thing to do is reach the finals because in the finals is a new race! Everything begins at that moment. This is a fast circuit but pass without a crash is difficult.

The starting grid was:
1 Fabiano Franco – XRAY T1R
2 Lincoln Almeida
3 Otávio Langowski
4 Hamilton Júlio Jr.
5 Horácio Ferreira – XRAY T1 EVO 2
6 Jonas Ferstemberg – XRAY T1 EVO 2

7 Chico Lima
8 André Brandt

Final results: click to enlarge
(click to enlarge)
1st Hamilton Júlio Jr
2nd Otavio Langowski
3rd Horacio Ferreira XRAY EVO 2
4th Lincoln Almeida
5th Fabiano Franco XRAY T1R
6th Chico Lima
7th Jonas Festsenberg XRAY EVO 2
8th Andre Bandit

Track Record 8.900 sec Driver Fabiano Franco – XRAY T1R

We will have 2 more races before our nationals so….. let’s do a good job. I will keep you all informed.