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Race report by Jilles Groskamp click to enlarge
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Last weekend the fifth round of the championship was held at the Heemstede track.
The track is fast with high grip. In the Stock class it was Rob Jansen who dominated the qualification and took pole.

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In both finals Rob took an early lead and drove his FK04 to his fifth victory this year and his first Dutch Championship! Great job for his first year of racing!
Rick Thompson drove his FK05 to a very impressive third place.

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In the Modified class it was Jilles who took pole with a new trackrecord. TonyV qualified third with a personal track record which was 5 seconds faster then his previous record .
In both finals Jilles dominated and took his fourth win of the season. Tony had a great battled with local hero Daan Schuuring. On the end it was Daan in second, closely followed by Tony.

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On the end of the day it was XRAY who dominated both Stock and Modified Class.

Final standings:

Stock Class:
1. Rob Jansen XRAY T1FK'05 ( Dutch Stock Champ 2005 )
2. Alexander Roeleveld Corally RDX
3. Rick Thomson XRAY T1FK'04

Modified Class:
1. Jilles Groskamp XRAY T1FK'05
2. Daan Schuuring Corally RDX
3. Tony Vredenberg XRAY T1FK'05

Jilles Groskamp Set-up sheet.

Tony Vredenberg Set-up sheet.

Rob Jansen Set-up sheet.