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Race report by Jens Becker
The German Nationals in 4WD Modified and Truggy Modified took place on the Astro Turf Track of the RC Cars Köngen in South of Germany from 19th to 20. August.

After it rained some days before the Saturday began on a slippery and still wet track, but over the day the Track got more and more grip.
With small changes on my XB4 and XT2 in the free practice I found a good setup to feel confident for the five rounds of Qualifying.

In the end I was able to qualify 2nd on the Grid with my XT2 in the modified Truggy Class and 8th with my XB4.

After solid but not perfect runs in the first two Mains I was able to win the last one to secure the Vice Title in the Truggy Modified Class behind Jörn Neumann who won A1 and A2.

A good start with my XB4 in the first Main where I was able to bump up to 5th position two major mistakes in A2 and A3 cost me a better overall Result. I lost one position in the end and finished 9th overall at the German 4WD Modified Championship.

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4WD Modified:
1. Luca Rau - XRAY XB4
2. Micha Widmaier
3. Tom Maquel
4. Max Hesse
5. Marcel Schneider
6. Jörn Neumann
7. Marcus LĂĽbke
8. Kim Sitensky - XRAY XB4
9. Jens Becker - XRAY XB4

10. Justin Naumann

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Truggy Modified:
1. Jörn Neumann
2. Jens Becker - XRAY XT2
3. Kim Sitensky - XRAY XT2
4. Kai Dittes - XRAY XT2

5. Stefan Mößner
6. Christian Stanglmeier - XRAY XT2
7. Setyo Budi Hartono - XRAY XT2

8. Benedikt Heizer
9. Patrick MĂĽller
10. Nicolas Burleigh

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4WD Modified Race Report by Elias Ehrmann
Saturday we arrived at the Event.With my XRAY XB4 i started the timed Trainings. The Track was Very wet, because of the heavy rains during night. After two Trainings we started with three of five qualifies runs.I finished them at place 20. Sunday morning we started last both qualyfies runs.Unfortunately i passed B- Finals with One point. So i was First at C-Final.After three Final runs (1st, fourth and five) i finished at place 23. I am happy and proud that i became German Junior Champion. Congratulations to my teammate John Zuber for his great second place at this great and amazing event.

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1/10 Junior 4WD Modified
1. Elias Ehrmann/Schiller - XRAY XB4
2. John Zuber - XRAY XB4

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Race report by John Zuber
Last weekend the RC-Car Köngen was the host for the German Nationals organised by the Deutscher Minicar Club. The club welcomed the drivers with tents for the paddock and a brand new built club house. The grip conditions of the open astroturf track were changing between very low in the morning and high grip in the afternoon. Practicing on Saturday started in damp conditions, but before the qualifiying the track was dry. And luckily, there was no rainfall all weekend! Luca Rau was the man to beat in 4WD Mod this weekend - he won 4 of the 5 qualifiers. He won the first and second final with his XRAY XB4 and is the new German Champion in front of Micha Widmaier and Tom Macquel.

In Truck Jörn Neumann was very dominant and able to win all qualifiers. After the first two A mains the old is the new German Champion again. Congratulations! XRAY’s Jens Becker secured the Vice German Title with his XT2. Very well done! My goal was to become the German 4WD Junior Champion. In Köngen I met my junior teammate Elias Ehrmann/Schiller for the first time and had to realise during qualifying that his tracktime prior to the event has been an advantage,. He was always faster than me. Elias started from position 1 in the C-Main and I was on 9. Unfortunately, Elias had bad luck after winning the first C-Main and ended on position 23. After crashing in C 2 I managed position 28. Elias is the new German Junior Champion – congratulations! In Truck, I struggled a lot and was only able to be on position 16 after qualifying and ended on the same position after the finals. At least, I can call myself German Junior Champion in this class. I would like to thank my Dad for preparing my cars and driving me to Köngen in time from southern France, Jens Becker for the setup tips and Salton Dong for the ESC setup. Cars and electronics worked awesome all weekend.