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This year Finnish 1/10 Electric nationals had 5 rounds with 4 to count. One round was on astroturf others on clay/dirt tracks.

Both my XB2 2017 and XB4 2017 were awesome whole season from track to track.

I scored positions 1,2,2,2 in both classes and that was enough to win the 4WD title. I was very unlucky as I wasn't able to participate in the final round as I got sick just before race. So I wasn't able to fight for 2wd title.

I want to say big thanks to XRAY for doing great work with cars getting better and better especially on dirt tracks. I was very happy with my equipment and many XRAY cars were represented on podium and A-main.

Also thanks to my other sponsors Eurorc.com, Hobbywing, Highest, HUDY, EV-Peak and T-Shades!

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4WD overall series results:
1. Joel Valander – XRAY XB4
2. Karri Salmela
3. Konsta Saarinen – XRAY XB4
4. Mikko Luopajärvi
5. Tuomo Otsavaara - XRAY XB4
6. Valtteri Eklund - XRAY XB4
7. Ari-Pekka Kyykkä - XRAY XB4

8. Juha Aromaa
9. Toni Niinivirta - XRAY XB4
10. Jani Hovi