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Race report by Arkadiusz Smyk, Jeż Patryk, Krystian Kopacki
The final competition Polish Championship was held in Ruda Śląska in Poland. The track in Ruda Śląska is fast and a little bit bumpy. The weather was sometimes bad and rainy.

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Before the competition heavy rain occurred during the night so in the morning the grass was wet. During the morning there was some drizzle so the track took a long time to dry off. The track was sugared and grip from the trainings was gone before the competition. The effect was very low grip and sometimes uncontrolled „drifts”.

The competition started with four quali and fifth quali cancelled because of time.

On Sunday was raining almost the whole day so we skipped the finals and took final results from rankinglists qualifications.

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Formula Results:
1. Jeż Patryk - XRAY X1
2. Robert Okoński - XRAY X1
3. Krystian Kopacki - XRAY X1
4. Sebastian Stępniak - XRAY X1
5. Anna Szymańska - XRAY X1

6. Piotr Małopolski
7. Jerzy Ryman - XRAY X1
8. Dominik Połaniec
9. Dawid Gałka

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13.5T Results:
1. Arkadiusz Smyk - XRAY T4
2. Tomasz Fryc
3. Andrzej Trella - XRAY T4
4. Mateusz Ogryzek - XRAY T4

5. Arkadiusz Lippich
6. Maciej Gałecki
7. Adrian Długokecki
8. Dominik Szymański

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Modified results:
1. Arkadiusz Smyk - XRAY T4
2. Bartosz Pochopień
3. Jakub Michalski - XRAY T4
4. Jakub Kłapacz
5. Karol Sputo

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17.5T (Stock)
1. Krystian Kopacki - XRAY T4
2. Bartosz Zalewski
3. Adrian Lippich
4. Maciej Gałecki
5. Sebastian Stępniak
6. Marcin Czachor - XRAY T4
7. Paweł Trella - XRAY T4

8. Dawid Reizer
9. Waldemar Borek - XRAY T4
10. Krzysztof Andruchów

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IC-10 Results:
1. Jakub Różycki - XRAY NT1
2. Robert Okoński
3. Paweł Trella - XRAY NT1
4. Michał Abramowicz
5. Arkadiusz Lippich
6. Jerzy Krawczyk
7. Jacek Zienkiewicz
8. Przemek Wicher - XRAY NT1
9. Grzegorz Nóżka - XRAY NT1

10. Filip Szczepaniak


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Formula Champion:
1. Jeż Patryk - XRAY X1
2. Okoński Robert - XRAY X1
3. Kopacki Krystian - XRAY X1

Modified Champion:
1. Arkadiusz Smyk - XRAY T4
2. Bartosz Pochopień
3. Jakub Michalski - XRAY T4

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13.5T (Prostock) Champion:
1. Arkadiusz Smyk - XRAY T4
2. Trella Andrzej - XRAY T4

3. Fryc Tomasz

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17.5T (Stock) Senior Champion:
1. Kopacki Krystian - XRAY T4
2. Stępniak Sebastian
3. Czachor Marcin - XRAY T4

Arkadiusz Smyk
„My cars in both of classess are XRAY T4'17. In modified with Tekin Gen3 4.5T and RSX. In ProStock I had some problems with the car being unstable at the beginning but I take easy 3 times in a row quali wins.

In Modified I fought with Bartosz and Jakub. I won the first and second quali when Bartosz had technical problems but in the third quali I had a problem with rear grip so Bartosz won. At the fourth quali I put on new tires which give more stability and grip to won this quali.”

Patryk Jeż
„My X1 was excelent during all quali day. In first quali I made the fastest time and at the end I was first. Second quali was much better than first. Grip was little bit higher and I made some setup changes, which gave me again first place. In third quali I put new tires, because the track was completely dry, but I used different tire additive and it was big mistake. It felt like an ice rink and my best lap was almost 2 seconds worse than in 2nd quali. In fourth quali I put old tires and from the start I was first till the huge crash when I was overtaking a slower driver. My spur gear was completely broken and I couldn’t end the heat. Finally 2 wins in quali gave me an overall win and title of Polish National Champion in Formula class. Considering all conditions (low grip, bumpy surface and drizzle between heats) my X1 was fantastic and it let me be the fastest at the track.”

Krystian Kopacki
“Final round of Polish Nats settled the battle for the championship title. Bartosz Zalewski won first quali. Slower drivers and small mistakes prevented my fast driving. Unfortunately during second quali Bartosz spun in the corner and I hit him. After the crash my T4 was damaged and I couldn’t end the heat. Third quali was totally amazing. Regular lap times and small Bartosz’s mistakes gave me a win by 0,3s. Last quali was again for me. In my opinion it was the best quali. My faultless driving gave me overall win, but only through shorter “arrival time. Finally I won 17,5T Stock Class and the title.”

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  XB8E'17 Wins At The NEO Race    
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