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Race report by World Model
The OPEN group of the National Radio Cars Championship was followed by the youth group. The texture of the track was changed, the difficulty increased a lot. Drivers came from all over the country, not only top drivers in China, some of them came from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Alfred participated in 1/10 Nitro Model Cars class, 3 heats in preliminary, 10 minutes, 1 best result from 3 heats. Final was 45 minutes long.

As there were some problems with Alfred’s car in the first two preliminaries, his performance was not good and the results were not satisfactory. Alfred was not affected by the results in the first two heats, he still performed well under stress, completed this heat with 34 laps and got the 2nd place in the preliminary.

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In the final, Alfred’s car ran very smoothly at the beginning and kept the 2nd place. During the 2nd lap, the 1st car has an accident. Alfred got this chance to go beyond the 1st car, and kept the 1st place. Alfred was very stable and made a remote distance from the 2nd car. Alfred led the 2nd car by approx. 6 seconds at the 1st time refilling fuel. But the 2nd car has been chased closer to Alfred. Every time the 2nd car refilled the oil, the distance from the Alfred was closer approx. 2-3 seconds. Although the 2nd car put a lot of pressure, Alfred still performed very well. Around 27 mins, the 2nd car was crashed by mistake and retired from this race unfortunately. Then, Alfred won the championship in this race.

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Group A:
1. Lao Minhao, Alfred - XRAY NT1
2. Li Cong Serpent
3. He Yonghui Serpent
4. Huang Yongxiang
5. Ma Chuanzhi
6. Wen Zhiming - XRAY NT1
7. Zhou Guowei
8. Ma Haoran - XRAY NT1
9. Liu Jia
10. Huang Xiongjian - XRAY NT1