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Race report by Mike Gosvig
Last race of the season was held in Odense RC, on the nice flowing track. I have been a little off this season as I had no time to practice, because of a lot of work and building a house. So at this race I should battle with my team mate Kevin Nielsen to get the Danish national title this outdoor season. We had the same points before the race, so the one who was in front of each other would win the title.

But the practice day was just rained away, so I tested my rain car in the conditions and found a good base setup for the next outdoor season.

Saturday the race was on, the 2nd practice we had was a little wet track, so it was hard to find a good setup.

1st qualy my car was super good after some tweaks, and I could TQ that round with 5 seconds down to second place. Kevin Nielsen was in 3rd and Patrick Danielsen in 4th. The second qualy I tried some different setup, but the car lost a lot of pace compared to Soren Boy, whos car was like 15-20% faster on the straight than the rest of the field, so here nobody has a chance, even if we drove better lines on the track.
So I drove home in second place here with Kevin in 3rd and Jesper Rasmussen in 4th. Now I tried to change the car for the last Qualy to try to TQ.
But when we started, again we had no power against Soren, so I pulled in to save the tires. Kevin got 2nd in this round and Patrick got 3rd.
First final my car was good and I could stay in front of Kevin in the main, he made good pressure and drove very good, but I made no opening, so he could not pass me. But drove super respectfully.

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Soren won the main, with me in second and Kevin in 3rd and Patrick in 4th. For the second main I changed the car, and now I could go faster and we could get closer to Soren, but when we should go and lap a backmarker we lost some time, so Soren got a bigger lead and won the main, but my car had a motor failure so the car stopped and Kevin could take second place.
Now the pressure was even more on for me, I had to stay in 2nd place or better to defend my title.
The main started and the race was on, after some laps Soren rolled the car on a curb, so I took the lead with Kevin right behind! he tried anything to get past me, but I closed every door, and tried to pull away, but it was not possible, sometimes I gained a little, but then Kevin Pulled in again, at the end I could cross the line and win the main, some few tenth in front of Kevin! good drive, keep it up!

So with this title I got my 23rd nationals title and now Im looking forward to the indoor season where I will be back even stronger than before.
Thanks to all my sponsors for the support!

- Hobbywing
- 7075it
- Hiro Seiko
- MikiModel.net
- Descom.dk
- Looxon stickers
- Dubidesign
- DF Creative
- Macnau

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Race report by Kevin Nielsen
Sunday the 10th September, the last round of the Danish nationals took place in Odense.

We arrived at the track Saturday morning to practice, but almost immediately it started to rain ones again. Most of the day it was raining, so no practice at all.

Sunday morning we drove to the track to get a closer look at the conditions. When we left our hotel, it was only 9 degrees outside and also a bit cloudy. The track was pretty wet when we arrived, but the sun started shining and was slowly drying the asphalt.

The day started with two controlled practice rounds, but I skipped the first one as the asphalt was still a bit wet. With only 5 minutes track time before the first qual and no setup, the pressure was on. We managed to get get my XRAY T4 pretty good from the start and I also felt that I had the track.

First qual I ended in 3rd place and the grip was also coming up, so got out on the track for the second one, with some good confidence. Second round I pushed the car all I could, but unfortunately it spun out, so lost 5 precious seconds and ended 3rd again. Last qual round was better, as I gained the 2nd place in this one, giving me the 3rd starting position for the finals.

It was VBC driver Soren Boy Holst that was leading the field from starting position one, with my XRAY teammate and also competitor for the championship Mike Gosvig in second.
All three finals was just perfect for me and the first and last one was very close between Mike and me.

Soren was very fast this weekend, but my main focus was on Mike, just in front of me for the overall championship.

Mike and I was very close in the first final and the pace was absolutely there, but couldn't do anything at all, so kept the pressure on Mike all the way and ended in 3rd place. Second final the race was on again. Soren out in front again and Mike and I with a nice battle ones again, until Mike had to retire with some technical issues, so secured 2nd place this time. The third and last final could not be more exciting, as it was the title decider. Soren hit a curb after a few laps and rolled the car and Mike was then in front with me just in his tail for the next 5 minutes. It was totally impossible to try to make a clean pass on Mike, so nothing else I could do, besides keeping the pressure on. Ended last final in 2nd place again.

I ended this race on the podium as 3rd and got the title Danish national vice champion.

Congratulations to Mike with the championship and to Soren with his 3rd place in the championship.

This summer I have participated in four out of five races and got on the podium in all of them, so pretty good outdoor season this year for me.

Now it's time to prepare my XRAY T4'17 for carpet, while I'm waiting for the new T4'18 to arrive.

Thanks to everyone for a great season and thanks to XRAY-shop.dk and 7075.it for support


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1. Soren Boy
2. Mike Gosvig - XRAY T4
3. Kevin Nielsen - XRAY T4

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Overall season result
1. Mike Gosvig - XRAY T4
2. Kevin Nielsen - XRAY T4

3. Soren Boy

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