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Race report by Jan Ratheisky
Last weekend I was racing at the very great and new GRC Raceway in South Korea. Before I start my short report I need to say it was absolutely awesome there. All clean, very great detail solutions and for sure an absolutely Top level track. Well done Mr. Kim! ;)

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Practice days:
This race I was starting in the F1 and TC 13.5 boosted class. Both of my cars worked very fine from the start with my easy to drive basic setups. Those will follow later. So I just tested a bit with bodyshells, speedo / motor settings and wing Positions in F1
Saturday finally the quallies were about to start:
Q1: TQ in TC and F1. Cars felt very good on new tires.
Q2: TQ and F1 and 3rd in TC. As always I was choosing to run on used tires for the tire gambling strategy ;)
Q3: TQ in both classes. Gambling paid off.
Q4: TQ again in both classes which set me 1st on the grid in F1 and TC Boosted

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A1: With new tires on both classes I was able to win tone to tone. Suprised about a good chasing of the young talent Dung Uk Jang. Im sure we will hear something from him in the future. Badly for him he got stuck in traffic wich allowed me to pull away

A2: Because of my tire strategy I had new tires left again in both classes and could pull away from the start and win ton to tone. WIN the AOC in Korea whoohoo ;)

I want to thank also to all my sponsors on this point which made this trip possible and specially James Park from "Team James Racing" who took care of me and my mate Dominic very well.

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F1 results :
1. Jan Ratheisky - XRAY X1
2. Max Park
3. Yoo Jae Kuk
4. Dominic Quek - XRAY X1
5. Byung hwan Kim - XRAY X1

7. Ahn Jong hyun
8. Dongwan Jo
9. Suk Song 8
10. Song Myung jun

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Boosted TC Results :
1. Jan Ratheisky - XRAY T4
2. Dung Uk Jang
3. Naoya Morita
4. Kijeong Park
5. In-Mo Kang
6. Soo-Kyum Kim
7. Lee Jaeil
8. Sungchul Shin
9. Hong Sik Man
10. Eejun Yang

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  XB4 & XT2 Are EOS 2016/2017 Champions    
  XB8E'17 Wins At The NEO Race    
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