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Over a period of four months Hamilton Radio Control Car Club are hosts for the biggest indoor meeting in New Zealand for electric touring cars. They hold the meeting in a large ware house which has an asphalt surface. The track is a different layout each month with special red and white painted borders helping to define track edging.

Round 3 of the Hamilton indoor electric series was held last weekend. Twenty eight of the fifty one touring cars entered were Xray. Equally impressive were the results with Xray cars winning all four touring classes. These classes are:-
540 sealed can 4WD Touring
Pro stock 4WD Touring
Modified 4WD Touring
Super Touring ( Can Am bodies can be used in this class).

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Scott Brownhill’s excellent performance during round 2 with his T1 FK05 convinced his work colleague, Nathan Toia, to upgrade to an Xray T1 FK05 for this round, assembled by Scott nonetheless. Obviously it worked as Nathan was able to get ahead of Scott in the modified class.

1. Glenn Ward Xray T1FK'04

2. Greg Mawson
3. Sean Stamp
4. Myles Brownhill Xray T1R
5. Kevin Warner Xray T1FK'04
6. Murray Hodges Xray T1FK'04

7. Sam Cooney
8. Tim Warner Xray T1FK'04
9. Steve Joblin Xray T1FK'04
10. Mal Southgate Xray T1FK'04

1. Liam Heffernan Xray T1Evo2
2. Nathan Toia Xray T1FK'05
3. Scott Brownhill Xray T1FK'05
4. Shane Parsons Xray T1FK'04

5. Robert Maskill
6. Brett Waudaby
7. Pearce Stephens
8. Scott Kendall
9. Leon Dravitzki
10. Jayson Puklowski

1. Scott Brownhill Xray T1FK'05
2. Robert WatsonXray T1FK'05

3. Greg Mawson
4. Tim Warner Xray T1Evo2
5. Lance Dowson
6. Murray Hodges Xray T1FK'05
7. Idar Andreason
8. Mal Southgate Xray T1FK'04
9. Rob Warner Xray T1R

10. Simon Abela

1. Scott Brownhill Xray T1FK'05

2. Robert Maskill
3. Nathan Toia Xray T1FK'05
4. Shane Parsons Xray T1FK'04
5. Liam Heffernan Xray T1Evo2

6. Leon Dravitzki
7. Shane O'Connor Xray T1FK'04