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Race report by Fotis Agelakopoulos
The 3rd 1/8 nitro buggy Greek National race was held at Hobbytech track Serres. Paparegas Tasos with his XRAY FX combination won again after a very good performance at qualification and starting from the first position with a great TQ with tough competition from Terzis. The 45min final was between 2 drivers - Tasos and Alex Anapoliotakis. Tasos had some electronic issues from the 22nd minute but managed to take the finish flag with a lap difference.

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1/8 Results
1. Paparegas Tasos - XRAY XB8
2. Anapoliotakis
3. Makropoulos
4. Perogianakis
5. Sourdos
6. Paparegas John - XRAY XB8
7. Gregoriadis
8. Terzis
9. Zagorisos
10. Papanikolaou

Great flawless TQ and win from Tasos and his XB8. Last race for Greek championship takes place at the end of October.