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Race report by Fanatix Greece
The 7th round of Greek XRS was held on September 24th at FanatixRacingTrack in Athens. On the day of the race, the day was sunny again in contrast with middle Europe countries where rain is very common.

XRS 17.5T BlinkyTC
Young Ioannidis TQ and won a great race with great competition from his main rival Papadopoulos. He has a great pace at the final run and managed to won the event. Third place for Zogogiannis who came back after his long summer vacation. Kazoglou and Nerantzis in their own rythm made a comfortable race.

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1. Ioannidis - XRAY T4
2. Papadopoulos - XRAY T4
3. Zogogiannis - XRAY T4

XRS Modified TC
In the modified class, Diamadis took the 1st podium place after 2 mistakes from Ioannidis who was not patient enough to control his easy leading of the 5min runs. Velaoras and Kidis tried hard to keep those two but lack of practice left them a little out of pace. Bartzis again easy racing collecting points for his final position of XRS championship.

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1. Diamadis - XRAY T4
2. Ioannidis - XRAY T4
3. Kidis - XRAY T4

XRS X1 Formula
Diamadis- Hamilton was much much better this time and let no chances to his main competitors Kidis-Senna in 2nd place with great battles with Papachristos-Ricciardo XRAY redbull.

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1. Diamadis – XRAY X1
2. Kidis – XRAY X1
3. Papachristos – XRAY X1

XRS PanCar
In the Pan Car class, the best car was the XRAY X10 of Kazoglou. He made one of his best races with very similar laps and he was very satisfied with his new X10’18. Papadopoulos was far behind but after the race he found out that his diff had a great damage so he promised next time will be much more competitive.

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1. Kazoglou – XRAY X10
2. Papadopoulos – XRAY X10
3. Velaoras – XRAY X10

XRS 1/10 IC Stock
Again Theodoropoulos junior was the fastest with no mistakes and easy won with big difference from second Andreas Kouretas and the podium finisher this time another youngster Drakopoulos in 3rd place. Pappas tried but the age is a disadvantage against those young guns of 6 to 15 years old. He managed to finish ahead of his main rival Diamadis though. The battle will be continued in one month time between those two.

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1. Theodoropoulos - XRAY NT1
2. Kouretas - XRAY NT1

3. Drakopoulos

Rallye Game
New racers again at the noisy brutal class of 1/8 rallye game class. Gianakopoulos won with the surprise Philippis in 2nd and the points’ leader Daditsos in 3rd place.

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1. Gianakopoulos
2. Philippis
3. Daditsos - XRAY GTX8

2 more rounds for Greek XRAY RacingSeries’17. Our next race is on 29th October and it might be out of Athens at the RCmaniacs Argos racing track. Be ready for the best racing series.