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Race report by Bruno Coelho
Last weekend happened the last round of ENS 2016/2017 in Fiorano, Italy. In this race everything was open for me to win the championship in both classes (1/10 and 1/8 nitro) but also to lose both.

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The weather was very good during all weekend and the track conditions were great. Starting the qualifications I was able to place 2nd in 1/10 and 3rd in 1/8.

In 1/10 final I started very well and my target was to finish in Top 5 - that's what I needed to win the championship so I did a calm final without risk and any mistake and like this I was able to finish 3rd achieving the ENS Tittle 2016/2017.

In 1/8 final everything was more intense and exciting. To win the championship I had to finish in 1st position. The final was very exciting with great fights during the 45 minutes but unfortunately I had a crash with one car that not open for me with 4 laps behind me and it finished with my fight with Simon for the win. Any way that's the races and this kind of things can happen.

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It was a great year, I'm really proud of all team that work hard to have the best result possible. Our cars are stronger than never and I want to congratulate Fabio Domanin and Martin Hudy for the development of the NT1 and RX8 that's was really good and impressive.

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want also to congratulate our new team mate Alessio Mazzeo for the great result in his first year with us finishing in 2nd place at this ENS Session!

Looking forward to see you again guys next year!

Report by Alessio Mazzeo
A very hard race. The level was very high but our cars worked very well. Unlucky race for me in 1/8, finished in B main where I was first in wet condition but I have ran out of tires one minute before the stop and i'm arrived third. In 1/10 my car was super good in every condition, in the qualy we have tried different setups and the cars worked always good. The final was very strong, only a problem in tire change that cost me 7 seconds. The result is fantastic second and third on the podium and first and second in overall. We have done a fantastic job this year.

Congrats to Bruno for the vice ENS title and for the title in 1/10, he deserved this this sure, I'm very happy for him.

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ENS R4 1/10 results :
1. Dominic Greiner
2. Alessio Mazzeo - XRAY NT1
3. Bruno Coelho - XRAY NT1
4. David Loppini - XRAY NT1
5. Jakub Rozycki - XRAY NT1

6. Thilo Tödtmann
7. Manuel Strano
8. Eduardo Escandon
9. Alex Thurston
10. Victor Pelaez

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ENS 1/10 Overall results:
1. Bruno Coelho – XRAY NT1
2. Alessio Mazzeo – XRAY NT1

3. Thilo Tödtmann