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Race report by Zoltán Polyák
My car (NT1 ’17) worked in a very stable and reliable manner during the whole day. Its operation was predictable and the car could be well controlled. In the course of qualification rounds I was ranked on the second place.

After that phase we decided with my technician (Mr. Péter Varsányi) to risk a little and applied a totally different setup.

That proved to be a splendid decision because the car’s speed significantly improved in comparison to the values of the morning rounds, consequently I managed to reach even higher curve speeds.

The maximum speed could be reached from the first lap to the last. I am very satisfied with the brand XRAY. I am glad to have chosen this one. During the whole season it never failed, the car is a very stable, reliable and fast model.

Thank you very much XRAY.

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Nitro Stock :
1. Zoltán Polyák - XRAY NT1
2. Dániel Sági
3. Richard Kovács
4. Norbert Rosinszky
5. Tamás Kovács
6. Zsolt Bajusz Junior - XRAY NT1
7. Ábris Pogátsnik

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Nitro Modified :
1. Simon Ciduan
2. Péter Varsányi - XRAY NT1
3. Tamás Sági
4. Tamás Hegedűs
5. Zsolt Bajusz - XRAY NT1
6. Gábor László - XRAY NT1

7. Béla Pogátsnik
8. Péter Taál