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Race report by Matej Sulc
On October 7, 2017, the REBELS Team started a winter racing season. Very nice hall in Prague-Třebešín welcomed 66 drivers in six onroad categories. Most represented here were ET 1:10 Open (30 racers) and ET 1:10 Stock (13 racers). Nine drivers in the Pancar 1:12 racing category were also surprised by the EFRA rules in ZeroBoost mode with 6,5 t motor. New in this winter season were the new HUDY Carpet 2018 tires for the ET category, which proved to be a better grip as well as greater lifetime. The undisputed plus is their consistent behavior - the minimum differences between the times achieved.

Category Formula
This category was first followed with the prescribed regulators and HW Juststock 21.5T motors. This newly introduced system should break the noticeable differences in performance of the models and move racing itself into the position of greater driving skills.

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1. Libor Prchal - XRAY X1
2. Jan Prchal - XRAY X1

3. Jiří Jarolímek jun.

Category GT
Compared to last year, the newly introduced category, which the organizers asked for the drivers themselves. Although only five riders took apart in it. GT models and their speed on the track attracted many visitors to watch them.

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1/10 GT
1. Radovan Konopík - XRAY X10
2. Jan Prchal - XRAY X10
3. Libor Prchal - XRAY X10

Category PanCar 1:12
Drivers had to admit that these small and lightweight models with 3.5T were faster than a rocket and 99.9% of the drivers were almost unmanageable to make a 8 min run. With the 6.5T engines we can not say that these models are slow , and together with the 8-minute drive time, the adrenaline flood is really big. The fastest was this time Víťa Hola before Marcel Dostal. The third place was occupied by the RC modeling legend Jan Kanina.

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1/12 Pan Car
1. Víťa Hola - XRAY X12
2. Marcel Dostál - XRAY X12
3. Jan Kanina - XRAY X12

Category Stock
This category has been similar to the Formula . The difference was only in motor. In stock class organizators decided to use a JustStock 13,5T motor. The first two places were occupied by Duo father and son Kratochvil in front of Jirka Svoboda.

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1. Karel Kratochvíl - XRAY T4
2. Martin Kratochvíl - XRAY T4
3. Jirka Svoboda - XRAY T4

Category Open
Although it was the most demanding category in terms of speed and correct model setting, it was also the most occupied category. A nice surprise was the long-time racer Jirka Mára, who has recently been fighting for the highest positions of the Czech Republic in off-road categories of buggy 1: 8. His fourth place was deserved. The victory battle was between the trio Petr Grof, who also made the TQ in Qualies, Michal Blahovský starting in the finals from second place and Matěj Šulc on third place. After all three victories for Petr Grof, he confirmed his dominance at this race. Matěj Šulc (2/2/2) took second place and Michal on third place.

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1. Petr Grof
2. Matěj Šulc - XRAY T4
3. Michal Blahovský - XRAY T4

  T4 Is Double ETS Champion    
  XT8E Wins At 1/8 Off-Road ROAR E-Nats In US    
  GTX8 Is European Vice-Champion    
  XT8 Is US National Champion    
  XB4 & XT2 Are EOS 2016/2017 Champions    
  XB8E'17 Wins At The NEO Race    
  X12 Is Double European Champion    
  X12 Wins At 2017 ROAR Nationals    
  T4 Wins At 2017 TITC    
  XRAY T4 Double Win At Snowbird Nationals 2017    
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