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The Brazilian nationals was held this weekend at the New Hobby track. The weather help on Saturday but turned over against us on Sunday morning. We have a total of 34 drivers at this championship, 21 drivers on stock class and 13 drivers on modified class.

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XRAY TEAM BRASIL was represented at the Brazilian nationals TC 2005 Championship. All drivers was there competing against the best drivers of Brazil including official Team Corally Brazil. In stock class was Fabiano Franco FK’05, Flávio Salinet FK’05, Horácio Ferreira FK’05, Jonas Ferstemberg FK’05 and Luiz Gonzaga FK’05 and on modified class we have only Fabiano Franco T1R, Horácio Ferreira EVO2 and Jonas Ferstemberg EVO2 too.

Luiz Gonzaga
The weather was fine on Saturday 10th, all heats of modified and stock classes was raced with sunny day and in the end of Saturday we have the TQ of Stock and modified classes. Saturday show us the TOP 4 drivers who goes direct to the finals on Sunday.

Stock Class

TQ – Lincoln Almeida
2nd - Fabiano Franco – XRAY T1FK’05
3rd – Hamilton Jr
4th – Luiz Gonzaga – XRAY T1FK’05

Modified Class

TQ – Fabiano Franco XRAY T1R

2nd – Lincoln Almeida
3rd – Horácio Ferreira XRAY T1EVO2
4th – Lúcio Filho

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Horácio Ferreira
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The heats was very hard to all drivers, XRAY TEAM BRASIL with Fabiano Franco and TEAM CORALLY with Lincoln Almeida disputed in moth classes the TQ. When the heats ended we could saw that each one get TQ. Fabiano on Modified Class and Lincoln on stock class.

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Fabiano Franco
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Track closed to all drivers. All semi-finals would be raced on Sunday morning and the 3 finals of each class would be raced on Sunday after lunch but…… Sunday morning we could see that the nationals was decided on Saturday because it was raining and all forecast tell us that wouldn’t stop. We follow the nationals rules and waited until 3pm them the nationals referee with his assistants decided that the champions was the TQ of each class.

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His decision was fair enough because everyone raced against each other to get into TOP 4 in both classes.

XRAY gets one more win in Brazilians Nationals with Fabiano Franco XRAY T1 FK’05.

The TOP 10 of each class was:


1. Lincoln Almeida
2. Fabiano Franco XRAY T1FK’05
3. Hamilton Jr.
4. Luiz Gonzaga XRAY T1FK’05
5. Lúcio Filho
6. Otávio Langowski
7. Marcos Silva XRAY T1R
8. Hamilton Neto
9. André Brandt
10. Jonas Ferstemberg XRAY T1FK’05

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Xray got a great win with Fabiano Franco and one more time take 1 title and 1 2nd place on the Brazilians TC Nationals. Congratulations to all drivers special for Fabiano Franco and Horácio Ferreira both in the podium of modified.


1. Fabiano Franco XRAY T1R

2. Lincoln Almeida
3. Horácio Ferreira Xray T1EVO2
4. Lúcio Filho
5. Otávio Langowski
6. Jonas Ferstemberg XRAY T1EVO2
7. Rogério Ruiz
8. Fernando Gomes
9. Fabian Kaloustian
10. André Brandt