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Race report by Fotis Fanatix
The 4th and last round of 1/8 buggy championship took place at Renti track with drivers from all over Greece. Tasos Paparegas the former Greek champion was there to defend his title. He came on Saturday to race in a new built track where all the rest of his main competitors for the championship had a race 2 weeks ago.

The track was different from round to round. Tasos needed just a fourth place to be champion and he made his job perfect once again. He qualified second in final but after an incident at the beginning of the race with two slower drivers who didn’t respect the championship leader and the fair competition with his main contender who was in front of him in the first place sent him in the last position.

Tasos started from the back of the field and with the risk of loosing the work of the whole and the expenses year worked his way to the 3rd place which was enough to give him his 6th consecutive championship from 2012 till 2017 all with Xray cars.

The other XRAY driver in A final Aris Bornovas started from 10th and worked his way up to 8th place which is an extraordinary result for such a new driver. John Paparegas won the B final.

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A-final results:
1. Anapoliotakis
2. Papanikolaou
3. Tasos Paparegas – XRAY XB8

Great performance of Xray cars and FX engines for 2017. Congratulations to Tasos, John and Antonis Paparegas for their sixth buggy championship. Fanatix and our technical supervisor John Takas will continue to support them for the next year too.

Overall results of the Greece National Championship 2017:
1. Paparegas Tasos - XRAY XB8
2. Anapoliotakis
3. Papanikolaou