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Race report by Jarno Pijpers
Winter is coming mach-one Helmond
Saturday in the training the track was dry and the weather forcast was good.
The first qualification I had a bit of bad luck and one round did not get count so I got the 5th time. The second and third qualification was really good and I was the fastest in the third qualification.
In the semi-final I had a bit of trouble controling the car and Jeffrey Halsema was too fast for me, during the semi-final I was battling Carsten Keller it was tough but I got the second place.

My start was good, Jeffrey was leading with Sander behind him and I was in the third spot. Jeffrey was a few seconds ahead and Sander and I were battling for the second spot. Jeffrey and Sander both did the pitstops at 10 min and I did them at 7.30 min. After sanders second stop I was really close again but I had to made one more stop. I gave everything to close the gap and with a few minutes to go I was right behind Sander again. I made a small mistake and ended third. It was a fair race.

The 1:8 season is over for me, it was not easy season a lot of bad luck but a good end now its time for the
1:10 indoor.

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1/8 results:
1. Jeffrey HALSEMA

I would like to say thank you my sponsors Xray/RC-connect, FX-enginies and also my parents without them it would be not possible