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Race report by David Pardo
The last round of the 2017 Colombian On-Road Nationals was held at Bima racing track in Bogotá.

The track it’s an outdoor asphalt surface (bumpy) with medium traction, because the weather the grip changes in every round.
This was a challenging weekend of racing in all classes.

The Stock 17.5T class was dominated by David Pardo with his XRAY T4 who took a TQ and 1st place, in the A mains from Pablo Mojica whit his XRAY T4.

It was a good participation of all the XRAY drivers making the A mains in all the classes, Juan Pablo Torres with his XRAY T4 had a great weekend as he was able to
fight in the super stock class taking vice–championship title in the 10.5T class as well with Pablo Mojica and David Pardo.

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Stock 17.5T class results:
1.David Pardo - XRAY T4
2.Pablo Mojica - XRAY T4

3.Leonardo Buitrago

Super stock 10.5T class results:
1.Rodrigo Salgado
2.Juan Pablo Torres - XRAY T4
3.Andres Leon

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