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Race report by Jason Woolridge
This past weekend I attended the "Battle of the Sikest" at Thornhill Racing Circuit. I chose to race Open Nirto Buggy as other friends and skilled competitors chose to do so. I also raced Open (Pro) E-Buggy.

This weekend was a great success as I was able to take the TQ and Win in Open Nitro Buggy! This was also the first time my Nitro XRAY has seen a track. I only had to make a few adjustments and the car handled great!

In E-buggy I qualified 12th and made the A Main. I would end up 13th overall. During A1 I learned not to let a whole group of cars by me as I thought they were all the leaders.

Overall the weekend was a great success!

Thank you again for the opportunity to represent Team XRAY!

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1. Jason Woolridge – XRAY XB8
2. Brian Rohde
3. Brian Beck