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Race report by Mark Sousa
This past weekend we went to Full Throttle Rc Park for the annual mayhem race in Green island, New York. I was only running 4WD modified buggy this weekend and kind of wished I would have ran 2 but I’m happy with the progress we made with the new 4wd car and I was super happy with it how the testing has been going.

We were running Proline Primes in practice and we were making changes including switching to m4 microns that we grounded down to slicks and they were better as the track didn’t have the same amount of grip as it has been but was feeling good going into qualifying. In the first Round the track changed some more and our setup was pretty far off and we got the 5th fastest run.

In Q2 we made more changes to the car and it wasn’t very good so we made some changes for round 4 and the car was awesome, made one mistake on the first lap but was able to get 4th overall for the main. Into the main I started 4th and was able to get into 3rd really quick and me, Arron Aaron Kothman and Christian Toic had a battle for the lead.

Aaron made a mistake and I was able to get into second and was 3 seconds behind Christian and me and Aaron had another little battle until he made a mistake and I was able to come across in second behind Christian toic and Aaron kothman rounding out the podium. Thanks to the track crew for the awesome track and race and thanks to my sponsors.

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4WD podium:
1. Christian Toic
2. Mark Sousa – XRAY XB4
3. Aaron Kothman