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Race report by Nick Lefebvre
This past weekend I attended the 2017 gulf coast Grand Prix held at Mikes Hobbytown in Porter Texas. The race had attendees from all 3 coasts, California, Florida, and Texas.

It was my 1st time out with the GTX8, and the car was great. I qualified 4th, and only had to make some slight changes to the car. During practice we found we could extend our pit stops and this would help out during the main. From the start I was able to move into second within just a few laps trailing Marcus who was leading.

Marcus and his Serpent would need to make an extra fuel stop during the 30 minute main event. With 7:30 to go I made my last stop and came out of the pits just behind the leader. This would give us the gap we needed with him making one more stop, I was able to hang onto the lead and cross the line to take the win. Thanks to our FX 5k engine and great fuel mileage my 1st outing with the GTX8 was a victory!

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Final results:
1. Nick Lefebvre - XRAY GTX8
2. Marcus Williams
3. Jeff Whiting

In the 1/10 sedan class, Ethan Lefebvre was able to qualify 3rd just behind Ron Atomic (TQ) and Chris Kemper. As the 30 minute main went on, Ron would run into issues and fall back, Ethan and Chris would battle, but Chris was able to take the lead and hold off a hard charging Ethan for the win.

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1/10 sedan class results:
1. Chris Kemper
2. Ethan Lefebvre XRAY NT1
3. Ron Atomic

1/8 open I would qualify 3rd behind Joaquin Desoto, and Scotty Barrera. During warm ups for our 30 minute main event, I would have a steering servo failure and cause me to retire the car.

Not the race I wanted as I felt the car had to pace to give a good challenge to both Scotty and Joaquin. Overall it was a great weekend for the XRAY / RC America team! Thanks to Ethan for the great pit help all weekend and Drew Ellis for the help with the cars.

Thank you to all my great sponsors : XRAY / RC America, Hudy, FX Engines, VP Powermaster fuels, Prolevel RC, Avid, DoD.

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Electric at Gulf Coast Grand Prix
Team XRAY descended upon Gulf Coast Raceway this weekend for the Gulf Coast Grand Prix. It was a mixed Nitro and Electric race with some of the fastest racers in the country.

In the premier Modified division, Chris Adams was able to set TQ early on in qualifying and continue to improve his TQ over the four rounds of qualifying. Fellow XRAY driver Johnee Fenimore was able to put it fourth on the grid after a tough time on the punishing track. In the mains, Chris was able to take the first two mains convincingly. The 2nd and 3rd positions were up in the air going into the 3rd main. Johnee was able to finish 2nd in A3 after a tough battle to end up 3rd overall.

Modified results:
1. Chris Adams – XRAY T4
2. Chris Jones
3. Johnee Fenimore - XRAY T4

USGT class results:
1. Johnee Fenimore - XRAY X10
2. Soap Yem
3. Chris Jones

In the USGT class, Johnee Fenimore was able to work his way to a Tq by the 4th qualifier with a clean run. An incredibly tight field would make the mains interesting. Johnee would have to wait until A3 to wrap it up after a 2nd in A2.