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The last round of the Dutch Championship was held at the circuit of The Hague, but without all time favourite Jilles, who was racing in Las Vegas at that time.

In the stock class it was Rick Thomson who was able to win the first main because of a technical failure of Rob Jansen. In the second main it was Rick who left from TQ had hold it on the entire 5 minutes and also won the second main.

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In the modified class it was local hero and championship favourite Bart Wubben, who took TQ. Bart was able to win both of the mains in front of teammate Peter Meurs and his biggest competitor Michael Lepelaar. Although the absence of TonyV he made it to a impressive third place in the championship. And Jilles although having a big disadvantage by missing 2 out of 6 races got to a 7th place.

Stock Class:
1. Rick Thomson - XRAY T1FK'04

2. Arjen Potharst
3. Ted Spinders
Champion: Rob Jansen - XRAY T1FK'04

Modified Class:

1. Bart Wubben
2. Peter Meurs
3. Michael Lepelaar
Champion: Bart Wubben

Rick Thomson Set-up sheet.