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Race report by Peony
Our young team driver Alfred Lao joined the “Modified Class” in this event. He made the fastest records during the control practice. As usual, picked the best 2 results from any two rounds for the entry of Final. In the final, picked best 2 results from 3 rounds.

At the 1st heat and 2nd heat of the preliminary, he performed very well and stable, got 1st place in these two heats, Undoubtedly, he got the TQ.

The final was held at the afternoon. Alfred started very smoothly and kept a distance from the trailing cars and kept the 1st place till the end of the 1st round of final. Unfortunately, in the absence of stress, he made a mistake at the 2nd round of final, and quitted in this round.

The competition was very keen and expected for the result in the last round of final (3rd). Although Alfred had a setback in the 2nd round of final, he has never gave up. He kept alert to run the car very carefully and performed stably in the 3rd round of Final. Besides, the 2nd car had made a mistake and crashed over. Alfred’s car has been run very smoothy, and won the Championship in this race.

1/10 Touring modified Podium:
1. Alfred Lao - XRAY T4
2. Zhang Zhou
3. Li Cong