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Race report by Evan Jones
This past weekend I raced at warehouse hobby raceway for their 6th annual toys for tots race. I ran 4wd mod, 2wd mod, and Ebuggy. I managed to grab TQ in 4wd mod by only 120 seconds.

I started 2nd in 2wd mod, and TQ’d Ebuggy. The 4wd mod buggy was dialed, I had some bad luck and frustration In the mains but still fought back up to 2nd. In 2wd mod, I started out great and was running in first, but made a small bobble and couldn’t weave my way out of traffic before the end of the race. I finished 2nd.

In Ebuggy I would get out to an early lead, I made a few mistakes, but still grabbed the win.

Ebuggy podium:
1. Evan Jones - XRAY XB8E
2. Allen Lowe
3. Joe Pharis

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4wd podium:
1. Blake Boggs
2. Evan Jones - XRAY XB4
3. Jeremy Daniel

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2wd podium:
1. Jeremy Daniel
2. Evan Jones - XRAY XB2
3. Blake Boggs