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Race report by Cj Jelin
This past weekend I attend Tekin Pay it forward race at Amain. I raced pro nitro buggy and open buggy, on m3 holeshots. Practice was amazing I had my XB8’17E and XB8’17 dailed on Proline M3 holeshots powered by Hobbwing for the XB8’17E and powered by Protekrc for the XB8’17.

I had amazing runs for all three of the qualifies in both cars to top qualify pro nitro buggy and open ebuggy. The ebuggy A main I had a little rough start but I calmed down, drove clean and had taken the win. Pro nitro buggy a main I once again had a rough start and that let Kyle Layton get a 4-5 second lead. I started driving clean consistent laps and raced with Kyle for a while then he made a mistake. That had lead to me running smooth laps to take the TQ and the win in both pro nitro buggy and open ebuggy.

Congrats to Mark Schroeder, Kerry Lemos, and Shawn Beasley, Mark finished 3rd in pro nitro buggy, Kerry finished 2nd in open nitro buggy and won open nitro truggy. Shawn Beasley finished 3rd in open nitro buggy. I would like to thank Kerry Lemos, Mark Schroeder, Kevin Palmer, Tracy Palmer, Dennis Palmer, and Gayle Palmer for supporting me all the time and helping me all the time. As well XRAY, RcAmerica, Hobbywing, Proline, A main.com, Protekrc, Sanwa, Vp Racing Fuels, Hudy, Ogio, Avid, Stickit1Racing.com, 110% Racing.

Pro Nitro Buggy Podium:
1. Cj Jelin – XRAY XB8
2. Kyle Layton
3. Mark Schroeder – XRAY XB8

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Open E Buggy Podium:
1. Cj Jelin – XRAY XB8E
2. Mike Gordon
3. Joey Muniz

Race report by Kerry Lemos
It was an amazing racing experience December 10th for XRAY/RC America at the 2017 Tekin Pay it Forward Racin in Chico, CA. My XRAY truggy and buggy were both fast and consistent all day at A Main's Silver Dollar Raceway. I qualified for the a mains in both the open nitro truggy and open nitro buggy racews, having raced three 7 minute qualifiers. I was really pleased to finish off the year by representing the XRAY team at the podium.

I finished 1st in Open nitro truggy and 2nd in open nitro buggy. It was cool. The cars ran flawless. Thanks to Kevin Palmer for pitting me for me all day, and a big thanks to XRAY/RC America for keeping me out there.

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Open Nitro Truggy Podium:
1. Kerry Lemos – XRAY XT8
2. Ross McDonald

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Open Nitro Buggy Podium:
1.Mike Gordon
2.Kerry Lemos – XRAY XB8
3. Shawn Beasley – XRAY XB8