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Race report by Jared Phair
Fun first trophy race this past weekend at Barnstormers RC in Chester, NY. Different than other tracks in the area, this track was very tight and was 100% dirt--no clay, no tire saucing/softening--just simple green and water was the ticket for tire prep. Running the XB4 and XB2 , the 2wd did good enough in qualifying to TQ, and the 4wd was lights out fast, able to TQ that class as well with a comfortable gap from the 2nd place driver.

Adding more rear grip to the rear of both cars, by the mains both cars were handling pretty good. Keeping a smooth line in 2wd was what led to a victory, and in 4wd trying to overshoot some of the jumps and cutting corners, while not necessary with a good lead on 2nd, was quite fun and was able to get some fast lap times.
Overall, a fun evening of racing, and I definitely look forward to making the trip back more in the near future.

4WD MOD Podium:
1. Jared Phair - XRAY XB4
2. Jack Bonhomme
3. Scott Salzer

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2WD MOD Podium:
1. Jared Phair - XRAY XB2
2. Mike Billings
3. Frank Babriecki