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Race report by Kevin Nielsen
As always, the new race year starts with the international DHI-Cup in Denmark. Same place every year, with super nice facilities and the hotel build together with the sports arena. This year it was my 3rd time to visit this very big meeting, with lots of good and fast drivers, from all over the world.

Me and my mom and dad, arrived at the arena Thursday afternoon to check in, and to get the pit space and tires. Afterwards in was time to catch up with some of the other guys, and to have a closer look at the track. The schedule for Friday were two rounds of free practice, followed by two controlled rounds, and last the first qualification.

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The schedule for Friday was two rounds of free practice, followed by two controlled rounds, and last the first qualification. I felt that we were well prepared, as we drove to another track the week before, to test a lot of things. The track we tested on had more grip then the carpet at the DHI-Cup, so it was very good to test under these high grip conditions. After the two first practice rounds, I was in 10th spot. Gained five more places after the next two ones, so moved up to 5th place. Time to end the Friday with the first qual. After five minutes with high concentration, I could step down of the tower, with a very satisfied result, 3rd place overall. Saturday we had three qual rounds, before we could relax, and enjoy some table football in the basement. After we had finished them all, my XRAY T4 and I, was strong enough to line up for the finals in 4th position. Was very happy with this result.

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Sunday morning came in a hurry, and it was time to make the last adjustments on my car. It was only minor tweaks that we had done, as my car felt really great to drive.

First final, the beep sounded, and the game was on. Start went great, but in the first corner, the car in front of we got a bit wide, and I hit him slightly when he got back in front of me. Waited until he was going again, and then the chase was on. Crossed the line in A1 as 4th.

Second final, very close race between Folman and Benson upfront, after them, Mikkelsen and me, also very close. This final I was on Mikkelsen’s tail until the end, and crossed the line one more time as 4th.

Third and last final, I was ready once again, beep sounded and I took of. After a few corners, the car that started right behind me, pushed me, and instead of taking it a bit easy, he just went on and almost drove right thru my car. Then I was last, and my body was also tucked. No penalty for the driver, and he didn’t wait. Then the chance was gone to do it even better, but I kept going despite my car was in bad condition afterwards. Managed to drive up to the car in front of me, and could make some pressure on him. After hanging on to his tail for a while, he made a mistake, and rolled his car so I could pass the finish line for the last time as 8th.

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Final results:
1. Patrick Folman
2. Tim Benson
3. Frederik Brolos Mikkelsen - XRAY T4
4. Helge Johannessen
5. Kevin Nielsen - XRAY T4
6. Steven M. Olsen
7. Mike Gosvig - XRAY T4
8. Moritz Flügge - XRAY T4
9. Oliver Havránek - XRAY T4
10. Patrick Danielsen - XRAY T4

I was really sad that the last final should end this way, as the two others went really well. The same driver also got a penalty for hitting another car in A1, so not pleased with such driving.

Otherwise after a while, I was super happy with my result this year.

I want to say thanks to my sponsors for helping me, and believe in me.

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  XB8E'17 Wins At The NEO Race    
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