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Race report by Dan Williams
I attended the Very cold 5*f Tekno Winter series Round 3 at the Hobbyplex raceway in Omaha NE. This would be a one day event with open practice Friday afternoon. For the open practice I quickly discovered my cars setup was very good, I only noticed the car was a touch easier to drive with a full tank of fuel compared to empty. So I added 12G front and rear center lined on chassis. I prepped 2 Sets of Proline MC electrons for Saturdays 2 quals and Mains.

Saturday Morning was 2 qualifiers, scored Rocket round, Top 8 go the the A with 2 bumps. Round 1 I would put a semi clean run in with only 1 mistake landing a 4th. Round 2 the track was much quicker, everyone went faster. I was set to better my time until a crash is a hard marshaling area. I went slower having to use my Q1 time, which was now only good for 9th. BQ.

For the 15 minute B I would choose to run my lesser set of tires saving the good set for the A. The car was a little slow but i was able to place it into the A with a 2nd. For the 30 minute A I would mount up a fresh set of scuffed in Prolines Electrons and was looking to redeem myself. I got off to a great and lucky start barely making it through a
4 car first turn pile up and would sit a distant 6th. however this gave me clear track to put in clean laps and build a rhythm, I was able to make it up to 3rd by my final pit. However the two leaders, TLR's Mason Fuller and Tekno's Seth Vandellen, where checked out so thats where I would finish.

I am very happy with where the car is at and look forward to continuing the success with the new 2018 car. This is also my 3rd podium in a row for regional races. I look forward to keeping the streak going.

1. Mason Fuller
2. Seth Van Dalen
3. Dan Williams - XRAY XB8