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STOCK TOURING click to enlarge
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In the Stock touring class there was a good battle going on for 1st and 2nd. After 3 rounds there were only two points separating Glenn Ward (Driving a TFK04) and Greg Mawson from the top spot. So with a two point lead going into the 4th and final round Glenn was looking good.

It all came down to the final race of the day as to who would win Stock Touring for 2005. Both Glenn and Greg stayed within 2-3 metres throughout the whole race, swapping positions every lap, but in the last minute Greg made a costly mistake by just tapping the inside of a corner. This was enough to hand Glenn the lead for the final minute.

1 Glenn Ward Xray
2 Greg Mawson
3 Sam Cooney
4 Kevin Warner Xray
5 Tim Warner Xray Evo2
6 Sean Stamp Xray
7 Steve Joblin Xray
8 Myles Brownhill Xray
9 Mal Southgate Xray Evo2
10 Murray Hodges Xray T1FK'05

PRO STOCK TOURING click to enlarge
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The top three drivers Scott Brownhill, Greg Mawson and Robert Watson in Pro Stock were very close throughout all of the Four Rounds. In the last 3 Rounds Greg had the fastest car on the track, however his car failed to leave the line in one of his races. This instantly penalised him by 10 points which gave Scott and Robert the break they needed. (Good thing Xray cars are reliable)

Going into the final round Scott had a 10 point lead on Robert closely followed by Greg. In the first race the three of them were separated by less than half a second as they crossed the line. Scott in 1st, followed by Greg 2nd, then Robert 3rd. Even though in the last three races Greg had managed to win all of them, he surpassed Robert in points but could not reach Scott, whose lead at the start of the round was large enough to keep him in 1st place.

1 Scott Brownhill Xray T1FK'05
2 Greg Mawson
3 Robert Watson Xray T1FK'05
4 Tim Warner Xray Evo2

5 Lance Dowson
6 Idar Andreason
7 Murray Hodges Xray
8 Mal Southgate Xray T1

9 Simon Abela
10 Rob Warner Xray T1R

MODIFIED TOURING click to enlarge
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Modified Touring saw Scott Brownhill cleaning up the first round by winning all four races. However he then slipped off the pace in the following rounds, leaving the battle up to Nathan Toia, Robert Maskill and Liam Heffernan to battle it out.

Scott convinced Nathan to change to the new TFK’05 three nights before the third round. This proved to be a good move with Nathan jumping up in the points into second place behind Liam. Going into the fourth round Liam was sitting in first place, Nathan 2nd and a close 3rd. Robert. Showed us how it was done in the last round winning all 4 races Nathan managed to gain a few points over Liam, just enough to take over 1st place.

1 Nathan Toia Xray T1FK'05
2 Liam Heffernan Xray

3 Robert Maskill
4 Scott Brownhill Xray T1FK'05
5 Shane Parsons Xray

6 Pearce Stephens
7 Brett Waudaby
8 Scott Kendall
9 Jayson Puklowski
10 Adam Kerr

SUPER TOURING click to enlarge
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Scott Brownhill (Xray TFK05) started Super Touring with a flying first Round winning three of the four races, closely followed by Shane Parsons (Xray TFK04) then Nathan Toia (Xray TFK05) in 3rd.

The second round stayed much the same with Scott winning two races. Shane and Nathan taking out the other two. In the final two rounds Robert Maskill picked the pace up and managed to catch up and pass both Nathan and Shane on Points.But it wasn’t enough to catch Scott Brownhill who finally took out the Class with a 7 point lead.

The new TFK 05 proving to be too fast in this class too!

1 Scott Brownhill Xray T1FK'05
2 Robert Maskill
3 Nathan Toia Xray T1
4 Shane Parsons Xray
5 Liam Heffernan Xray

click to enlarge
(click to enlarge)
The Hamilton Drivers Series is one of the biggest meetings held in New Zealand with over 350 Cars Entered over the 4 Rounds. The track changes every round ,with varying low grip surfaces, making setting up of the car always a challenge. The end of the back straight even has a small bump which the Modified and Super Touring cars get some air at the end of the straight!

The series rewards consistency. If you fail to finish a race you score minimum points and if you fail to start the race you drop 10 points automatically!

click to enlarge
(click to enlarge)
Xray cars proved to be the best, once again with over 50% of the entered touring cars being Xray. They also won every class that they entered, the new TFK05 claiming 75% of the victories for Xray!

The Top 3 Xray Drivers Taking out all 4 touring car classes between them.

From Left to Right

Left: Glenn Ward 1st Stock Touring
Centre: Scott Brownhill 4th in Modified 1st Pro Stock 1st Super Touring
Right: Nathan Toia 1st Modified