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This weekend it was time for WBC round 3 of the 2017/18 season. The race took place in Viskafors and was organized by Boras Miniracing Klubb. All in all a very nice event and as many as 59 starting entries in the 2wd class.

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The 4wd portion took place on sunday. The day started out real well for both Nille and Alexander where Alexander seeded 1st and Nille 4th for the qualifiers. However, alexander was unable to convert his speed into a top qualifying performance and would qualify 5th while Nille qualified 2nd. In the first final Nille took an early lead, but unluckily hit a car that flipped in front of him going onto the straight and broke a front arm. Alexander made a balanced run and managed to get 2nd just 2,5s behind the winner Elias.

In the second round Nille was able to win after battling with TQ holder Wilhelm for some time. Alexander was chasing down Elias in fourth place when Elias flipped his car going into a jump-face. Alexander hit him and got stuck at the top of the jump and had to let almost the whole field pass before he could get marshalled and rejoined in 9th place. Nevertheless Alexander was able to work his way back up to 5th place in the second round.

This all meant that there were four drivers that could win the event going into final round. The final round saw TQ driver, these were Alexander, Nille, Wilhelm and Elias. The last final was fierce in competition. Wilhelm was able to capitalize on the TQ spot and sail off to a comfortable win while everybode else behind him was battling it out. Alexander was able to climb up the order and was battling for second place with Nille and Elias, the wo of them came together and Alexander got past and finished second in this round as well. This established the finishing order of Wilhelm, Elias, Alexander and Nille, so fortunes turned for the two XRAY drivers in 4wd compared to 2wd.

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4WD results:
1. Wilhelm Skjöldebrand
2. Elias Johansson
3. Alexander Landén - XRAY XB4

Saturday was 2wd day. The track was a mix of tight technical parts as well as high speed sweepers and a challenging "whoopie" section New for this race was also the brand switch of Niclas "Nille" Mansson, who just had a couple of days testing prior to the event with his new XRAY rides.

Qualifying went ok for Alexander, but not great so he would line up 6th on the grid. Nille did a bit better adn secured 4th spot on the grid by coming in 3rd in two rounds. In the finals it was Jesper Rasmussen who found a good pace and was able to take the first two rounds and secure the win quite easily. Behind Jesper it was more open Alexander manage to improve on his starting position by some stable drives finishing 3rd in all three mains, this was however not enough to get onto the podium where Nille took the last step by finishint 4th and 2nd in the mains. Second place went to Wilhelm Skjöldebrand.

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2WD results:
1 Jesper Rasmussen
2 Wilhelm Skjöldebrand
3 Niclas Mansson - XRAY XB2

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