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Race report by Peony
This big event was held at Feiteng outdoor track in Guangzhou. The last game Alfred played there more than one year ago. Alfred joined 1/10 Electric Touring Car and 1/10 Nitro class this time. The majority of drivers came from Hong Kong and Guangzhou, they were Chan Chau Man, Faiho and Samuel Chiu.

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The race was scheduled to start at 9:00am on Sunday morning. Due to drizzle, the race was delayed to 10:00am. Concerning the MOD 1/10 Electric Touring Class, only ONE set of tires is used in the entire competition. In the preliminary, there was a keen compeitition between Alfred and a young driver "Ma Hao Ran ". Alfred got the advantage when Ma Haoran made a mistake, and won the TQ. In the final, pick two good results from 3 rounds. In the 1st round of the final, Alfred's car ran very smoothly and lead the race easily, completed this round with 1st place. During the 2nd round of the final, Alfred has put much effort to keep the distance from the rest of cars, and already had 4 mins advantage. Unluckily, Alfred lost his 1st place because his car was blocked twice by other cars left behind. So, Ma Hao Ran won the 2nd round. At the 3rd round of the final, Alfred's car had a good start and kept the best time, won this round smoothly. Finally, Alfred won the championship, Ma Hao Ran was the 1st runner-up and Chan Chau Man was the 2nd runner-up.

1/10 electric touring results:
1. Alfred Lao Min Hao - XRAY T4
2. Ma Hao Ran - XRAY T4

3. Chan Chau Man

Alfred only got the 3rd place in the preliminary, Chan Chau Man camerefueling from Hong Kong, won the TQ, and Ma Hao Ran won the 2nd place. The final was scheduled to start at the afternoon. Chan Chau Man lead the race at the beginning, and Ma Hao Ran followed by. Alfred only kept the 3rd place. The duration of this final was one hour. As Alfred’s new engine has not yet tuned well, the car could not kept running over 4 mins after every refueling. Badly, he has lost a lot time because his engine flameout twice. 20 mins was over, the other driver moved to 1st place and kept leading at the 1st place. As this other driver made a mistake in about 30 mins, his car got some problems and forced to withdraw this race. Ma Hao Ran took this advantage to keep the 1st place till the end of this race.
Ma Haoran won the championship finally, Chan Chau Man was the 1st runner-up, 2 laps left behind from Ma Hao Ran , Alfred was the 2nd runner-up.

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1/10 Nitro car results:
1. Ma Hao Ran - XRAY NT1
2. Chan Chau Man
3. Alfred, Lao Min Ho - XRAY NT1