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Race report by Kaja Novotny
The first round of Czech nationals took place last weekend in Hrotovice. The race took place at the same place as Mibosport Cup which was promising great weekend. Organisers built the same track as we had on the last Mibosport Cup, which meant most of the drivers already knew the track so I was expecting very close times. Format of the race was: free practice in groups on Friday and 1 timed practice, 3 qualifications and 3 finals on Saturday.

In 2wd, my XB2 was working quite well since the first run. I knew grip would be going up later so I stayed with my setup from EOS and in the end topped free practice with Max Gotzl and Ales Bidovsky in 2nd and 3rd!

In Truck class, I did just few runs with the car. It was working quite good and set the fastest 3 consecutive laps.

In 4wd, I was struggling in the beginning but step by step found pretty good setup and topped the times also here with Max and Ales again in 2nd and 3rd!

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4WD results:
1. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – XRAY XB4
2. Max Gotzl – XRAY XB4

3. Marek Schiller
4. Ales Bidovsky
5. Zdenek Miksovsky – XRAY XB4
6. Martin Kratochvil
7. Radim Hruska – XRAY XB4
8. Martin Rytir – XRAY XB4

9. David Krizak
10. Pavel Dostal

In 4wd class, I managed to win A1 and A2 with Max always in 2nd and winning A3, which gave XB4/Hobbywing 1-2 finish! Marek Schiller completed the podium.

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2WD results:
1. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – XRAY XB2
2. Ales Bidovksy
3. Max Gotzl – XRAY XB2
4. Marek Schiller
5. Zdenek Miksovsky – XRAY XB2
6. Dominik Masek
7. Ondrej Kulhanek - XRAY XB2
8. Jaroslav Valder – XRAY XB2
9. Martin Rytir – XRAY XB2

10. Pavel Dostal

In 2wd qualifiations, my Hobbywing powered XB2 set the fastest run in Q1 which meant overall TQ. Max Gotzl lined up 2nd and Ales Bidovsky 3rd!

2wd finals didn´t start well, as in A1 I managed to get quite a big gap to fighting duo of Max and Ales, when I did stupid mistake with marshal not seeing my car, I lost about 6 seconds to finish 3rd with Ales winning that one. However in A2 and A3 my XB2 pulled away again and this time without any erros I managed to take the overall win with Max finishing 2nd in both finals!

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1. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – XRAY XT2
2. Max Gotzl – XRAY XT2

3. Ondrej Holcak
4. Ales Horak – XRAY XT2
5. Marcel Dostal – XRAY XT2

In Truck class, we had probably the most entertaining race in A1 between Max and me as we switched the lead about 8 times with luck on my side in the end I took the win. On the other hand A2 was ‶boring※ for the spectators as I pulled away from Max and he did so from the rest of the field and we finished like that.

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That was the first round of Czech nationals, next round is in May on dirt, followed by 3 rounds on astroturf!

Thanks to my parents and all my sponsors for their support! Next race is SIGP in Xiamen! XRAY, Hobbywing, Sunpadow, MKS, JConcepts, Hudy, Hiroseiko, HOECO, H-Speed, Dubidesign, DFcreative, Ruddog, KajaRCracing