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Race report by Jason Nugroho
Indonesia National Buggy Rd 1 was held last weekend at HTS Track in Solo, Central Java.
The track is the first indoor permanent track in Indonesia.

A lot of drivers attended this event from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, Gorontalo and local drivers.

The race was 6 rounds of 10 minutes qualifying and took 4 best . The main final started from 1/4 Final .

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After 6 qualifying rounds, I got TQ honours. I went to Semi Final A and finished 1st position after sorting semi final A & B, I started position no. 3 at main final.

At main final, I could get 1st position until my car got flamet out at 28 min of race . It made my position dropped to 9th position, I tried to chase to get better position until race end .

But I can only finished at 3rd position.

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Main final results:
1. Stanley Wangsanegara
2. John Agus
3. Jason Nugroho - XRAY XB8