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Race report by Max Gotzl
The first round of Czech Open series took a place last weekend in Kolín.
There was an open practice on Friday, I came there with my dad to test some things to have better feeling with the cars.

On the Saturday morning started qualifications. It was me topping all four qualies with both E buggy and Nitro buggy, in front of Marek Ornst and Tony Hybler in E buggy and Jiří Beneš and Jirka Mára in Nitro.
My XB8E powered by HobbyWing was flying and was able to win all 3 mains with a big gap.

In Nitro the Semi didn't go very well, with having some troubles finished 2nd and was starting also 2nd on the main final grid. Until the Semi my car was working super good, so after the Semi final I tried some changes but it still wasn't enough. In the A main was missing a bit of speed for the win and after some small mistakes was not able to catch it and finished 2nd. Looking forward for the first round of Czech Nats here to try some other thing and make the car good.
Thank a lot to all my sponsors for the support, hopefully the Czech Nats here will be better.
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E-buggy podium:
1. Max Götzl (TQ)- XRAY XB8E
2. Marek Ornst
3. Jan Horácek

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Buggy podium:
1. Jirka Mára
2. Max Götzl (TQ) - XRAY XB8
3. Jirí Beneš - XRAY XB8