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Race report by Kaja Novotny
The first round of 1/8 Czech nationals took place last weekend on beautiful track in Kolin. Weather forecast was looking great, so everything so was promising nice racing weekend.

On Friday we had a free practice. I was getting used to drive 1/8 after winter season, but it didn´t take much time and at the end of the day I was confident with both cars!

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In 1/8E qualifications, it was trio of Max Gotzl, Ales Bidovsky and me fighting for overall TQ. Max TQed Q2, but my XB8E eventually topped the screens in Q1 and Q3 and took overall TQ!

In finals, we had great battle with Max in A1, but one mistake from my side decided and Max took the win! In A2, I got lucky as Max and Ales crashed and I managed to pull away and took the win! In A3, my main challenger was Ales and after a bit sporadic moves he took the win with me in 2nd! As my time in A2 was the fastest, I took the overall win with Max in 2nd making it Xray/Hobbywing 1-2!!!

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TOP 10:
1. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – XRAY XB8E
2. Max Gotzl – XRAY XB8E

3. Ales Bidovsky
4. Adam Izsay – XRAY XB8E
5. Marek Ornst
6. Adam Dubak - XRAY XB8E
7. Zsolt Bajusz - XRAY XB8E
8. Martin Rytir - XRAY XB8E

9. Jan Domansky
10. Jan Petr - XRAY XB8E

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In 1/8IC qualifications, ‶men of the show※ were Martin Bayer and Jiri Mara who fought for the overall TQ! Martin eventually took the overall TQ with Jiri in 2nd and me in 3rd!

For semifinal I did some changes on my XB8 as well as I decided to go with JConcepts Detox in Long Wear Yellow compound which appeared to be great choice! Martin won the semi A with me finishing few seconds back! Max took the win in semi B and he lined up 3rd in the main final!

In final, TOP 4 quickly got away and after 10 minutes also separated on two duos – Martin and me fighting for the win while Max and Jiri fought some seconds back for the 3rd place! After amazing fight which last almost whole final, Martin took well deserved win, congrats!

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TOP 10:
1. Martin Bayer (TQ) - XRAY XB8
2. Kaja Novotny - XRAY XB8

3. Jiri Mara
4. Max Gotzl - XRAY XB8
5. Jiri Benes - XRAY XB8
6. Martin Rytir - XRAY XB8E

7. Petr Klatovsky
8. Ondrej Kulhanek - XRAY XB8
9. Jaroslav Valder - XRAY XB8

10. Petr Tomasek

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That was the 1st round of 1/8 Nationals! Next up is Czech Open Rd. 3 in two weeks! Have to say big thanks to my father and brother for the help this weekend and of course big thanks to all my sponsors – both XB8s with Hobbywing and Sunpadow / FX power on JConcepts Detox tires were amazing!!!

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